Hi and thank you for checking out my new candida blog – I really appreciate it!

A little bit of what this candida diet plan blog is all about

My goal is to share with you the best information I gathered in the past 5 years of living with candida. If you want to dive right in then start here.

Before I’ll tell you how I adapted the candida diet to suit my needs, let me quickly explain why I picked this name.

So why is it called Candida Diet Plan?

As the diet consists of 3 different phases you have to prepare yourself differently for each step.

Depending on the stage you’re in this might mean that you’re not allowed to eat certain foods. Or that you’re encouraged to rotate a range of medications in your diet.

This can get quite confusing and frustrating if you don’t follow a plan that guides you each step of the way.

How can you start your candida diet plan?

  • It helps to jot down what stage of the diet you’re in, e.g. fast, diet… Including your observations regarding how you feel and what food you ate, etc. This is especially useful if you suspect that you might have a food allergy.
  • In my case the first thing I did was to put a candida menu plan together and a shopping list for the candida recipes I had found on the net.
  • Once you see the phases of the candida elimination in black and white in front of you it also works as motivation.
  • When you create a candida diet plan that suits your requirements you can better estimate how much time and money it will cost you to go through the diet.
  • I’ve written some useful guidelines to get you started (green e-book at the top of this page). It’s FREE. Just sign up for blog updates and it’s all yours!

Hey, I’m a blogger, not a doctor!

What I tell you is based on my own experience and specialist knowledge from respectable authors. As comprehensive as this is it can never replace a consultation with a doctor. So please use the info I give you cautiously and alongside your own health care, not instead of.

The candida diet works in aiding the recovery process from all kinds of illnesses, not just candida symptoms:

  • It is based on a well balanced and nutritious diet.
  • You will lose weight and get toned very quickly – if you so wish ?
  • The natural remedies, lifestyle and recipe tips I’ll be sharing with you all work beautifully regardless whether you have candida or not.
  1. Congrats on ridding yourself of candida. It is indeed a serious complication of all our body systems. There is no way one can experience wellness when suffering from candida. It is amazing how many people suffer from it. What is more astonishing is once they find out, many people are not wiling to put in the work to rid it. Medical doctors, (if willing to even to recognize it) often prescribe a slew of drugs which to my knowledge never work. Your rid candida plan was sophisticated and accurate. I am curious, did someone in the natural healing field help you? How did you know about bentonite clay?

    • Thank you Sharlene!

      It is particularly rewarding to hear your kind words in light of your background as a naturopath.

      Yes it is indeed astonishing how many people are suffering from Candida – often without even realising it.

      That part is the most frustrating for me because I believe a few of my relatives have yeast-related issues but they are simply in denial. It is almost impossible to get through to people if they have never heard of the condition before, isn’t it? That is why I am so dedicated to raising awareness about it…

      Regarding your question – I had no help unfortunately. It is only now through my blogging that I am starting to reach out to people in the natural healing field. When I was ill I felt my health problems were due to something I was doing wrong which in turn made me hide away.

      It was only when 2 of my close relatives got cancer that I started reading up on illness prevention and holistic healing. This openend my eyes about the medicinal properties of a lot of spices and food. Thereapon I absorbed books like Patrick Holford’s The Optimum Nutrition Bible and looked into Fasting for healing.

      Around that time I came across a website that had lots of info about the candida diet. It is called thecandidadiet.com. I believe that’s where I heard about Bentonite clay for the first time. What is your view on bentonite clay? Would you advise candida sufferers to take it?

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