Homemade Almond Butter

homemade almond butter

Almond butter is the perfect healthy snack. If you love peanut butter – You’ll adore almond butter.

Here’s an easy recipe for you to make your own… 

Almond Butter

Cook time15 minutes
Dietary Candida Diet Recipes Phase 3
Meal type Snack
Almond butter is the perfect healthy snack. If you love peanut butter – you’ll adore almond butter. Here’s an easy recipe for you to make your own…


  • 2 cups whole organic raw almonds


  • up to 1/2 teaspoon low salt
  • vanilla powder (and if I wasn’t following the Candida Diet I would probably add some agave nectar, too)
  • Cinnamon stevia drops (sugar free alternative)


Almond butter is what I’d class as Soul Food – it actually makes you happy!

Apart from that it’s also dead simple to make – if you have a powerful food processor like this Hulk of a Blenderthat is – which I don’t, ha 😉

If you want to see what the ideal homemade almond butter looks like check these amazing photos out here…. not mine unfortunately… but…mmmh – love it!


Pre-Roast Your Almonds If You Like
Step 1
First decide whether you’d like to pre-roast your almonds or use raw almonds.
I love them roasted because of the sensual smell in the kitchen and the anticipation it creates when waiting for them to be ready – it’s like cookie baking…

You can use blanched almonds or the ones with skin on for a more rustic spread. Up to you.

Preheat the oven to 350F / 180C.
Spread a few handfuls of almonds in a single layer on a baking sheet and roast for 15-20 minutes, turning them over after ten minutes. Making sure they are evenly toasted but not burned.
Almond Butter Making
Step 2
roasted almonds
You can straignt away chuck the roast almonds into your food processor while they are still warm. (This shortens the blending time).
Or you can let them cool fown for 20 minutes or use raw almond alltogether.

Either way, you literally only need to put them in your food processor & Press Go! That’s pretty much it.
You could add a pinch of low salt or sweetener at this stage if you fancy.
Step 3
Pulse the almonds until they are small chunks. Scraping the almondy bits of the rim of your food processor every few minutes.

Keep it running for a further 10-15 minutes. Roast almonds reach a smooth consistency already after around ten minutes of processing. Keep going if you prefer a rich, oily texture with no bits in it.
Step 4
Raw almonds need a few minutes longer to go from crunchy to creamy. So just stop when the almond butter looks the way you want it.

Be sure to keep checking regularly though to avoid the creamy texture turning lumpy again. Can happen if left spinning for too long.

That really is all there is to it 🙂

    Health Nut Advice:

    To make the almonds easier to digest and avoid bloating or gas problems – Soak the almonds for 24 hours and then dehydrate them.

    This will remove most of the phytic acid that is often responsible for digestive upsets after eating grains, nuts or legumes.

    I don’t actually have a dehydrator myself. So I tried making homemade almond butter first from pre-soaked almonds and then with dry almonds (roasted) instead.

    The latter definitely tasted better. But dehydrated ones might be different. Just thought I’d mention it. So you can make your almond butter even healthier in case you have a dehydrator.

    Why is homemade almond butter so good for you?

    • Apart from the high levels in zinc that speed up your healing almond butter also keeps your blood sugar levels constant and curbs your appetite.
    • Compared to all other nuts almond butter has surprisingly little calories.
    • Did you know that almond butter also has an alkalizing effect on your system? It does. Meaning that it can give your immune system an extra kick.

    So any type of almond butter is pretty awesome.

    What Other Ingredients Can You Add?

    But homemade almond butter takes this to another level, as you can leave out the salt, and add other health boosting ingredients to make it even healthier.

    homemade almond butter ingredients

    • Now I’m personally very partial to cinnamon and vanilla.
    • But you can also add some other nuts or seeds  for instance coconut flakes or sesame seeds
    • Hemp seeds for instance would give your almond butter an extra superfoods boost.

    There are endless options how you can refine your homemade almond butter recipe.

    • For instance in my first almond butter making session I added carob powder and green & blacks dark cocoa powder.
    • If Candida is not an issue for you I recommend you add some agave nectar as the almond butter is not naturally very sweet. A sugar free alternative would be cinnamon stevia drops.

    What Can You Use almond butter for?

    • Almond butter is a super healthy alternative to chocolate spreads like Nutella or other rich spreads.
    • Use it as healthy spread, topping for your oatmeal porridge or simply by the spoon for a protein rich snack.
    • Spread it on pancakes, rice cakes, toasted soda bread – even bagels & toast if you are not following the candida diet, but I think you are, aren’t you my friend ?

    How Do You Best Store Your Almond Butter?

    Best stored in sterilised jam jars. Keeps in the fridge for several weeks, or you could freeze some of it.

    What about the bought stuff – Any Good?

    I used the Almond Butter from Meridian, which I enjoyed very much. They do one with & without salt.

    Here is a very nice slightly Crunchy Raw & Organic Almond Butter for you, from Onceagain.

    Trader Joe’s Creamy Unsalted Almond Butter is very popular, too, and I’m sure there are other nice brands near where you live.

    So whenever you next develop a craving for something sweet, where you would normally have grabbed a chocolate bar or muffin – go get yourself some delicious almond butter instead. And when you have a bit of time at the weekend, why not create your own batch from scratch.


    Nicely labeled and poured in decorative jars homemade almond butter also makes a fabulous giveaway for friends and family.

    Not that you will want to share your delicious almond butter with anyone ?

    If you love peanut butter sandwiches – you’ll adore almond butter.

    It tastes similar but it’s

    • much less fattening
    • causes fewer allergic responses
    • and it’s simply much healthier

    Thumbs up from me for this satisfying candida diet friendly snack!

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      • Lou

        Reply Reply September 28, 2012

        Yummo – I agree, almond butter makes you feel AWESOME and HAPPY :) I could eat the stuff with a shovel…. so delicious :) Great info in this post…. yay I am so happy to have another Anti-Candida blog to get inspired by :)

        • Sandra

          Reply Reply September 30, 2012

          Brilliant, thanks Lou :-) Your blog has already been a massive source of anti-candi-schnacks inspiration for me, too.
          Your brownie creation alone will keep me coming back for more!

      • Candie

        Reply Reply October 16, 2012

        Do you have to refrigerate it once it is made?

        • Sandra

          Reply Reply October 16, 2012

          No, but then I’d use it up within a week or so (to be on the safe side).

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