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Book NowYour circumstances are unique, and without speaking to you I can’t really form a true picture of what you’re going through and what might help you heal.

I am also constantly learning new Candida diet tips and techniques. To benefit from the latest treatment advice you really have to get me on the phone, because my written content isn’t anywhere near as cutting edge. Some of it is four years behind!

That aside it would just be nice to hear your voice and speak to a fellow Candida sufferer, who understands how you feel, right!

Free 15 minute Meet & Greet Call for You!

That’s why I offer ten people the opportunity to speak to me personally over the phone or via skype to put a face to my name and just focus on helping you take the next step towards healing and optimum health.

If you found our talk valuable, and you wanted me to keep you accountable for adopting healthier habits week by week then you are welcome to get on the waiting list for the One-on-One Mentoring package where I work with you for three months to really transform how you feel. I actually already have three people who I check in with once a week to encourage them to make healthier choices. Would love to help you form new healthier habits, too!

Book a free discovery session with me, and establish whether I can help you and how.

Book NowCheck out what slots are available for a free 15 minute meet & greet discovery call with me to brainstorm what action steps you can take this week to improve how you feel.

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