Do You Know How to Start

the Candida Diet Right?

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What You’ll Get in Mid January When You Register Today:

  1. Useful pdfs what foods to eat, food prep & freezing tips
  2. Handy groceries list so you can get ready for the cleanse/ diet
  3. What to eat in the run up to the diet
  4. What to pay attention to on labels
  5. Insider tips & strategies how to develop a healing mindset, and how to stick with the diet and not fall back into old eating habits

Are You Ready to End the Confusion and the Hours of Researching, Comparing & Absorbing of Conflicting Information Surrounding the Candida Diet?

Are you Ready to Take Action, Eat Foods that Agree with You and Become Healthier & Happier?

Then Register for the Free 4 Part Training on “How to Get Started with the Candida Diet” NOW.

4 Steps to Gut Health  

I’ve gone through the diet myself, so I can quickly tell you how to best prepare yourself for the diet. I want to help you set yourself up for success. Why make the same mistakes I did, if you can learn from my experience and fast-forward your learning?

A Supportive Online Community

​This is where the magic happens! Some of us have a great support network. Others might rather have family, friends and colleagues who are not so considerate and supportive when it comes to clean sugar free eating. That’s where our exclusive Facebook group comes in. Everyone in there is in the same boat as you. They are all thinking of or have already started with the Candida diet, and they all have to adjust to this new way of eating – with all the confusion and frustration that entails.

Together we can cheer each other along and keep you accountable, so you won’t fall off the diet ladder.

Set your body up for health!

Don’t just take my word for it….

 Sandra B.Cornwall, UK

How to get started with the Candida diet” is a free 4 step online training to help you transition to a healthier sugar free diet. Many people underestimate how difficult this transition can be, and how important it is not to go cold turkey from a diet rich in processed foods and sugar to a strict elimination diet like the Candida diet.

Chris D. Colorado, USA

I had to figure out this whole diet thing on my own. It has taken me years, and I’ve found it incredibly hard to stay motivated to stay on the diet. So lately I have strayed off the diet and felt really awful. Now I just don’t know where to begin. This training sounds like the perfect solution to get me back on track.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside:

  • Access to Sandra who has been following the Candida diet for close to four years now and has absolutely nailed it in terms of how to stay motivated, how to not succumb to temptations, how to overcome cravings, how to deal with sadness and anxieties and the discomfort of the yeast infections itself.
  • One live webinar where Sandra will answer your questions and you can learn from the other members in the group.
    • 4 Online training modules that give your key information on how to get started with the Candida diet. Healthier food choices, Groceries list, Food Prep Tips, Motivation strategies
  • Private Community to celebrate your diet success with you, keeping you accountable when you might otherwise slip up with the diet.
  • Homework – Yep! Every two-three days you’ll get a specific task to do to help you transition to a healthier diet (nothing too strenuous, fear the not – new foods to try… it’ll be fun!)
  • 7 days of inspiration and guidance send directly to your inbox to prepare you for the Candida diet. (Sandra will go through the Candida diet herself starting on the 1st of February. This is your chance to see how she prepares herself for the diet, and how she slowly changes what she eats and drinks, so the actual diet itself will be a lot easier to maintain than without preparation.)

The training will start on or shortly after the 5th of January, and you can either follow along then or anytime you like. You’ll still be able to access the material. You’ll get notified of the start date once it is available.

Ready to join? Register now (you can cancel at any time & the training is FREE!)