Iced Pear Protein Smoothie

Serves: 1
Prep time: 2 mins; Total time to make: 3 mins

Think juicy pear meets frozen banana.

With some almond creaminess thrown in – mmmmh ????

And yet this healthy smoothie doesn’t rely on refined sugar for its sweetness.

Nor does it use as much fruit as traditional smoothies.

Since it’s overall very low on sugar, but high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants , it’s a great addition to your snacks arsenal.

This smoothie is a breeze to make – if you remember to freeze your ingredients a few hours or a day before, that is, hah!

Once you’ve made it a habit to have some frozen fruit pieces and milky ice cubes in your freezer – you’ll never look back!


  • ½ frozen pear
  • ⅓ frozen banana
  • handful of almonds, preferably soaked (I used blanched)
  • sprinkle of cinnamon
  • a mix of frozen almond and rice milk (about a glass full)
  • optional: 1 tbsp vanilla protein powder (I used whey)
  • optional: green super foods powder (I used chlorella)


  • Simply fill the frozen fruit pieces into your blender.
  • Cover them with a glass full of either almond or rice milk – preferably frozen (I used half almond milk, half rice milk frozen into ice cubes the day before).
  • Let it sit on the side for a moment if it’s still too frozen. Alternatively pour more almond/ rice milk over it to help melt it slightly. Set featured image
  • Add the soaked almonds and any protein or super foods powder or spice you are using. Blend until nice and frothy.

This is what the pear smoothie looks like without the pesky green Chlorella powder ????
And yes, it does taste even better without it, because then the mild pear flavour comes out more.

It’s just SO convenient, not to have to wash and chop, when you need a quick pick me up.

Instead all you have to do when you get the munchies is whack your fav ingredients in the blender.

And voila you’re left with a beautifully frothy and ultimately comforting drink, that is quick to make and giving you lots of energy for the day- Yee-hah!

It’s the ultimate healthy snack food!

Why not pop some in the freezer now, and have it ready for when you next get a sudden hunger pang.

Perfect mid morning, after work or even after exercise – since the added protein kick gives you extra energy…

Candida Diet Advice:

This smoothie is only suitable from late stage three of the diet on-wards, when you are certain that you have no symptoms flare up when eating fruit (basically when you don’t react to antifungal medication any more). If you are unsure, a good indicator is how cooked sweet potatoes, potatoes and butternut squash or beetroot/ carrot agree with you.

If they agree with you then you are probably fine with this smoothie, too ????

I started very slowly with re-introducing fruit back into my diet. For weeks I only ever added half a small green apple to my smoothies/ cereal. When I noticed no side effects from eating this I added a few blueberries or a few bits of frozen mango and developed it from there.

Top Tip: Freeze your fruit in small chunks ????

For instance you could try just adding 1/4 of a pear or 3 slices of banana to your smoothie initially. You’d be surprised how much flavour and sweetness this still brings to your drink.

And if you are at the beginning of the Candida Diet right now, don’t be sad. There are quite a few lovely filling smoothies with Coconut milk that you can enjoy while you are healing, for instance this one.

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