Lemon Balm Tea for Healing from Candida — Your Medicine Cabinet (Part 2)

Beneficial Medicinal Properties of Lemon Balm Tea
Following on from last week’s post about the health benefits of Pau D’arco Tea (link further below) let’s look at how this pretty green herb with the subtle lemon smell can aid your recovery from Candida:

  1. Calms the Nerves & Reduces Anxiety
  2. Cures Insomnia
  3. Relaxes Muscles & Relieves PMS
  4. Fights Infections & Cold sores
  5. Promotes Mental Clarity
  6. Aids Digestion

How does Lemon Balm Fight Candida?

Lemon Balm is amazing — it helped me no end on this never ending journey of battling Candida.

Not only was I the prime candidate to constantly feel anxious, but I also had my fair share of viral outbreaks to deal with. So as if dealing with Candida itself wasn’t bad enough, I also always seemed to come down with some type of flu, tummy bug, Herpes or cold sore. Sound familiar?

When one of my relatives had a cold… you bet I got that too, because my body was so run down from the permanent viral attacks and Candida onslaught.

Lemon Balm doesn’t actually directly fight Candida. But it sure boosts your body’s immunity (it’s a powerful antioxidant!), and it supports your liver’s detoxification which is essential for getting rid of all the Candida by-products that your body is constantly filtering out.

In addition to that it also keeps all viral activity in check so that finally your otherwise overtaxed immune system can finally gain the upper hand again and focus on balancing out the yeast overgrowth.

Dosage/ How I used Lemon Balm Tea for Healing from Candida

I drank loose herbal Lemon Balm tea from my local health food shop. The minty looking leaves smell heavenly lemony, and the tea brew itself has a lovely mellow yellow colour and refreshing taste. I found it very pleasant to drink, especially in the evening to unwind

If you feel very restless and emotionally taxed then drinking several cups a day is fine too — just helps you to relax and stop over-thinking. Perfect. 

But bare in mind that the tea can cause some die off symptoms like bloating or nausea) especially when you are also taking antifungal supplements, so start slowly and sip only a small amount at first to test your response.

So with the Pau D’arco tea that I recommended to you in my last post you now have two powerful Anti-Candida weapons in your arsenal.

But why stop there? Over the past few years of living a Candida diet lifestyle I have had the pleasure of trying out a few more highly beneficial herbal teas. So get ready for:

Your Medicine Cabinet (Part 3) – 3 Herbal Teas for Alleviating Candida Symptoms.

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