Try This Allergy Friendly Pancake Recipe – It Rocks!

Here’s one of my favourite recipes ever:

healthy pancakes dinner

Mustard Seeds Pancakes with Curry Sauce -a glorious dish for phase 3 of the candida diet and beyond.

Treat yourself to it now… It’s Food for Your Soul :-) In the past 2 weeks I shared with you my über-delicious stir fry recipe and a health boosting grilled tuna dish.

Now it’s time to pull out all the stops and introduce you to the latest addition to my favourite healthy meals that help you beat candida:

Mustard Seeds Pancakes with Curry Sauce

Prep time10 minutes
Cook time30 minutes
Total time40 minutes
Allergy Egg
Dietary Candida Diet Recipes Phase 3
Meal type Lunch, Main Dish
This is a feast of a meal! This sugar and dairy free vegetarian treat is one of my favourite candida diet recipes. Pancakes – Yum! Try it – love it!


    Curry Sauce

    • extra virgin olive oil
    • 8 cherry tomatoes
    • 2 white onions
    • 1 red onion
    • dash of cream (use rice milk while following the candida diet)
    • 3 cloves of garlic
    • 1 teaspoon tumeric, garam masala, mild curry powder, ginger spice
    • pinch cayenne pepper
    • 4 heaped tablespoons tomato puree

    Curry Sauce (Optional)

    • 1-2 tbls spoons of natural yoghurt


    • 2 organic or free-range eggs
    • 8oz (250g) plain wholemeal flour (use almond flour for a gluten free & paleo friendly alternative)
    • 600ml rice milk (generous pint)
    • coconut oil for frying

    Pancakes (Optional)

    • 3 tablespoons brown mustard seeds
    • some filtered water

    Vegetable Filling

    • half a head of broccoli, 2 handful mangetouts (or green asparagus or other vegetables of your choice)

    Turkey Filling (Optional)

    • 2 turkey breast filets


    TOP TIP: Make more for freezing!

    Separate each pancake with greaseproof paper. Then you can defrost them one by one and reheat it in your toaster 😉

    They’ll make the perfect quick sugar free snacks – particularly for candida sufferers (from phase 3 onwards)!

    Note: The curry sauce not only adds awesome to most veggies – It also tastes lovely with chicken, turkey, salmon, butter beans or chickpeas.

    It’s a clever way to turn leftovers from the night before into a fancy meal!


    Here’s How You Prepare The Veggies:
    Step 1
    vegetables pancake
    I used broccoli for this version. But you can just as well use green asparagus, green beans or spring greens as your vegetable base. They all work really well with the sauce.

    Simply steam the veggies of your choice for 15-20 minutes until tender.
    Here’s How You Make The Pancakes:
    Step 2
    mustard seeds pancake making
    Mix your eggs, flour and rice milk into a smooth batter.

    Add more water if needed otherwise the rice milk might make your savoury pancakes too sweet from the rice milk.

    Melt a little coconut oil in a reasonably big frying pan/ wok over a medium heat.
    Then use a ladle to spread pancake batter evenly into the pan to make a round shape.

    Sprinkle some mustard seeds on the top.

    Fry for 1-2 minutes, turning each pancake over once until both sides are lightly brown. Then put aside until your tasty sauce is ready.
    For a Gluten free/ Grain free Variation
    Step 3
    gluten free pancake
    Use buckwheat flour/ almond flour instead of wholemeal
    Here’s How You Make The Fresh Curry Sauce
    Step 4
    curry sauce
    Lightly stir fry the chopped tomatoes, pepper, onions and garlic in olive oil with the spices until soft.

    Go easy on the spices. You don’t want to make the sauce too hot as the spices not only kill the candida in your mouth and intestines but also the friendly bacteria that are essential for your immune system.

    So to make this meal super healthy and easy on your digestion we have to keep it mild.

    Use a little spice (e.g. half a tea spoon chilli and cayenne pepper and 1 teaspoon of the other spices) and see if that works for you. You can always add a bit more later.

    Then add a little water and fill it in a food mixer/ smoothie maker. Whizz it up and adjust the flavour and spice level to your liking.

    For a thick creamy texture add a dash of cream and natural yoghurt (if you’re on the candida diet it’s best to stick to rice or coconut milk)

    There we go. Mustard Seed Pancakes with a Gorgeous Veggy Curry Sauce – What a treat!
    Paleo & Meaty Variation
    Step 5
    stir fried turkey pieces
    Cut 2 turkey breast filets into small pieces and marinate in olive oil with garlic, salt, pepper and tumeric and a bit of apple cider vinegar (optional). Put aside while you prepare the sauce or for a few hours beforehand if you like your meat very tender.

    Then you just stir-fry the turkey pieces in a wok until lightly brown. You can serve them separately or mixed in with the curry sauce.
    Another Scrumptious Vegetarian Variation:
    Step 6
    vegetarian pancakes
    A curried chickpeas or butter beans filling also works a treat with this candida diet friendly dish.
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