“Sandra’s super friendly coaching is like having the ultimate supportive best friend on tap.  A best friend that gets you to keep food-logs and make healthier lifestyle choices
that is…  Woo-Hoo!”  




 Imagine you could take all the guesswork and struggle out of your healing journey! How awesome would that feel!? 


I’m here to help you regain control over your health.

I want you to wake up feeling well rested & ready to go through your day with a spring in your step and a smile on your lips.  Let’s get you out of the rut of diet starvation, weekend benders and depression. I’ll help you find relief and hope that you can live the life the way you want!

Follow my simple meal plans and insider strategies how to change your diet & lifestyle habits for the better.


I used to be really good with my diet but then drink booze or binge eat on a night out or on holiday, and I’d beat myself up afterwards. 

Back to square one gain. It was like going in circles. Although this went on for years stopping and starting different Candida diets I managed to clear up a severe case of Eczema and a multitude of other illnesses in the process. But I still wasn’t ‘fixed’. So I decided I have had enough of this ‘all or nothing’ attitude.

I relaxed the diet and focused on making small gradual changes to bring more balance and happiness into my life. And as soon as I switched from ‘Candida victim’ mode to acting ‘as if’ I was already perfectly healthy, everything shifted for me — foods that had previously caused flare ups started agreeing with me, and I didn’t get sick all the time any more.

Before and After
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I never planned to become a Holistic Nutrition g eek . I never asked to learn the hard way by going through long Gut Healing Programs and consulting with Candida Experts & Clinical Nutritionists to get to the bottom of what was going on with my health. But I intuitively enjoyed sharing what I learned with others and it made me happy to see them lose weight, have more energy and get relief from their symptoms. It makes me proud to see that hundreds of people got positive results from reading my Candida and Recipes books and from going through my online program.

I’ve been told that I am honest and ‘real’. There’s no intimidating doctor’s façade to hide behind, nothing to prove. You’ll get to see the real me – imperfections, failures and all. So you’ll be able to let your guard down too. That’s when the magic happens! Allowing the deep wounds and confusion in your soul to heal. Don’t let my gentle & spiritual side fool you though – I’m a German drill sergeant at heart, and I like my people to get stuff done. Consistently. Raaaaaa!​ 


My goal is to help you break through those old behavioural patterns that don’t serve you anymore. Let’s get you to fully enjoy life again! The light-hearted, playful, creative, successful, happy you!

What others are saying about me


I believe that Sandra’s candida diet plan is the best one out there. I’ve tried many diets online, and this was the only one that focused on HEALING not just limiting the foods you eat and torturing yourself! She provides so many foods that help you feel better and recipes on how to cook them, so much information can just be found on her website.

After following her recommendations very closely for about a month, I found myself waking up with more energy and focus every day. Not only did my body feel great, but I feel like I now understood the effects that food have on my body because she emphasizes the importance of listening to your body, because everyone has their own needs.

I also know so much more about what is healthy or not from Sandra’s candida diet plan because of all the resources available. I also learn a TON from her email updates and blog! I just can’t say enough about how much this has helped me, and if you are looking for an answer to perpetual bloat and stomach problems that every doctor doesn’t know how to deal with and just tells you that you have to deal with it for the rest of your life with no help (like me) then this is the place you should look for an effective plan that is supportive and holistic.

I would recommend Sandra’s site, consultations, and diet plans to ANYONE, even if you don’t have candida, because it you will learn how to treat your body better. I recommend the site to all my friends and family that inquire about my diet when they want to know how I stay fit and healthy! Haha!

Thank you Sandra for providing so much information to us over the internet, you are truly helping so many people!!


Thank you SO much, Sandra! Love this info! Tomorrow (Monday) is my “reboot” day to start again seriously. I really appreciate your help and motivation. I am so thankful to have you as my coach!


Inspiring!!! I have struggled with Candida…You make me feel like I can do it! Thank you for taking all your time to study!! Rock on!


I started the Candida Diet on Thursday, April 29, 2016. I was only able to fast 30 hours, but since I have been eating a very strict diet – mostly green veggies, fish & chicken.

Yesterday I found your smoothie recipes and indulged a smoothie… and it was wonderful! I feel great, sleeping much better, and losing weight as well (which I need desperately).

Thank you so much, Sandra for having this website and writing your books.

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