My Top 12 Christmas Gift Ideas

holiday gift guide

Hey, how are your Christmas preparations going?

They are all still in full swing here, phew!

I wanted to share my top 12 Christmas gifts with you in case you’re still looking for something to buy for yourself or someone you love. It’s not too late to get these in time for Christmas from Amazon if you order before the 21st. 

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If you’re viewing this from the UK – please click here to see English Gift Ideas! Read on if you’re viewing this from America. From anywhere else – read on. You just can’t directly go to buy anything, that’s all.

relaxing gifts

relaxing cdBeautifully relaxing piano music. I bought this to listen to on my long waits at the airport when flying home to Germany – If you need to wind down in the bath or after work then do it to this music!

Better than Noise-cancelling Headphones – My Bose AE2

headphonesI got these because I’m very sensitive to noise around me and I felt it hard to go to sleep. So I looked into getting noise cancelling headphones. They were all super expensive though and said to be very heavy which I wouldn’t like at all. I got these in the end because one reviewer said that they are super comfy and shut out almost as much noise as the proper noise cancelling ones. And they do! If you want to lose yourself in the music at home or on your commute get these headphones ($110 reduced at the mo!)

How Not To Worry: How a Small Change Can Help You Stress Less and Enjoy Life More

how not to worryIf you constantly feel anxious about things you’re not getting done or missing something… if your desk is overflowing with notes and you are not trying to keep up with your commitments then ‘this stress-reducing book is for you’– it helped me to get a bit more clear on the important things and not to stress about the others.

Control Stress : Stop Worrying and Feel Good Now !

hypnosis cd against stressI don’t know if you know this, but I’m a big Paul Mac Kenna fan. I have the whole series of his self hypnosis cds – and I listen to them regularly. Me on the sofa with my snug headphones on. Peace!
He has done a load of other cds to help you lose weight, have more success… This is a good one and the ‘Deep Sleep’ one – works like a charm too!  Deeply relax with this effective self hypnosis Cd.


Let this Slow Cooker Cook For You: Cuisinart

crock potThis is a beauty – god only knows how I survived before I got this programmable Cuisinart slow cooker last year. The best thing since sliced bread honestly! You can make rice, soups, hearty stew and even Porridge in it. No fuss. Just set it going before you go to bed and in the morning you are greeted with a steaming hot bowl of yum. Or set it to keep warm and enjoy at lunch. Big stress removed!

A Powerful Juicer that is Easy to Clean

great juicerThe good thing about this juicer (Breville BJE200XL) is that it juices even harder veggies like kale and whole fruit without a problem – so there’s less chopping work involved, and the fruit jug keeps a lot of juice, same with the pulp container. That’s convenient as you don’t have to empty it half way. I’ve seen that Amazon have knocked $30 off the price. So if you’re thinking of getting into shape in the New Year – now is the time to get the juicer while the offer is still on.


Samsung WB150F – Point and Shoot for the hols

good pocket camera

It’s an awesome compact camera! Small enough to be point and shoot shoot but with a decent zoom, good photo quality and full HD video. Neat! The best bit about the camera is the Wifi feature – you can actually email the photos from your camera straight to your friends and family without a computer. Very cool indeed. Johnny (my partner who is the lover of all things tech and gadget) was very jealous when I took this little camerawith me on holiday! (14 MP, 18x Zoom for you tech buffs). A good example not to just go on price and Amazon ratings though. At first I had ordered the coolpix from Nikon because it was the cheapest with the overall best rating. But but it had a really cheap feel to it when holding it and the image quality was poorly. So I swiftly sent it back and ordered this one and I’m glad I did. Right now Amazon are running a deal where you can get it for $119 (that’s $110 cheaper!)

Do You Have a Kindle? I really like mine!

get a kindle for Christmas

I was skeptical at first – old school! “I wanted to hold a nook in my hand – a REAL book.” Only a couple of months later and I’m taking mine everywhere. Half an hour’s wait in the dental surgery? No problem, I’ll read my latest book on my kindle. So portable, so light to hold in your hand. Love it. Highly recommended! Check out the popular Kindle ‘paperwhite’ now.

books worth reading

Learn to Make Low Sugar Treats : Naturally Sweet & Gluten-Free



One of the very few cookbooks I own and a true source of inspiration for sugar reduced baking. Written by Ricki Heller, an inspiring author who has suffered from Candida herself. Find inspiration for delicious muffins and desserts. Over 100 Recipes Without Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, or Refined Sugar!

My Book – Not for Christmas, But Oh So Good for You ;-)

my book


This obviously makes for a sad Christmas present, haha! But if you want to brush up on what I learned about getting rid of Candida in a quick to read format rather than scrolling through slow loading pages on my blog – this is a good way to do this and be able to access useful Candida safe food lists and my treatments suggestions without a pc. For just $3! Btw this book will be available as paperback in a couple of weeks.

great stocking fillers

A nice gift for a man – Solid Brass Sundial Compass


A compass in a wooden box! Spotted it the other day when I was desperately looking for a present for my dad. This looks classy, yet it doesn’t make a hole in your pocketit’s just $32. Bargain!


Make Your Memories Last with a Desktop Photo Calendar


photo calendar

A great personal gift if you’re stuck for ideas and short on money. Digital photo albums and desktop calendars you can get for less than a tenner on Amazon and they are always well received. I just made some from my recent holiday. Just pick 12 of your favorite shots. Easy!

Great Stocking Filler: Wooden Brain Puzzle Set

mind puzzles

Here’s a great stocking filler! Waiting for Christmas and sitting around under the tree can be boring – here’s the solution: Get your family solving one of these Brain Benders Wooden Puzzles tricky mind puzzles. Easy to take apart – not easy to put back together. Infuriating and fun at the same time. I thought they’d be boring – but they are so NOT! We’ve had oodles of fun with it.

happy holidays!

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