Facebook Community in the making – Who would you like to have? VOTE now!


Did you know there is an existing Candida diet facebook group, called ‘Detox Buddies’? Oh yes!

This very group needs your input! What started off as a small group of dedicated dieters supporting each other going through the 4 stages of the Candida diet plan, has grown into over 700 members from all over the world!


In honour of reaching this major mile stone number I’ll be giving the group a bit of a face lift, including a new banner image, and I’ll also spend more time in the group engaging with everyone. I thought the name could be tightened up too, because it’s not really clear. That’s where you come in.


Would you mind taking a moment to think of a catchy name for the group? That would be fab!


  • short & snazzy, ideally two words

  • the kind of group name you could self identify with

(e.g. ‘PALEO MOMS’ if you are a mother and aspiring to master Paleo meals or ‘FIT DADS’…. or ‘SUCCESSFUL AUTHORS’… you get the idea).


I have thought of some names myself (see featured image above). But I’d like to choose a name YOU can get behind too, after all it’s a fun community, not a boring dictatorship — so any ideas welcome!

If you were to look for a group to become a member of — ‘what search term’ you would be looking for inside of Facebook?


Who are the people you would like to learn from or surround yourself with? 

I feel it’s important to gather like-minded people together. It instantly gives a sense of belonging, it makes the group more focused, and its easier to create relevant interesting content. 

So please give it a moment of thought if you can, and either COMMENT BELOW or vote directly on Facebook WHICH NAME OR TAGLINE APPEALS TO YOU.

Likewise, if you can think of a cool name or tagline yourself, than let us know!

If you leave a comment just number the 5 names in the image descending top to bottom (1 being Paleo Moms…, 5 being Holistic Heroes), to save you having to write it all out, and feel free to swap the tag lines out or add your own twist.

Happy pondering ?


    • ooooh, I wish I had seen your name suggestion earlier, LOVE it! I’ll make a note of it, and I am sure we will find a good use for it for one of the upcoming live boot camps or online workshops…
      Many thanks for chiming in!

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