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candida info

Have you seen the new page yet? Everything to do with Candida Info. 

Linking through to the relevant articles on my blog, for example:

  • How Do You Get Candida? Find out Whether You Were at Risk of Getting It
  • The 3 Typical Candida Symptoms – and What Signs You Need to Watch out for
  • 10 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Digestion and Boost Your Immune System

So in case you hadn’t seen them you can check them out here. The “10 Healthy Habits” was one of my post popular posts btw – those guidelines still hold true.

Next week I’ll create a page with links to all the relevant content to do with the actual Candida Diet:
What foods to eat, recipes, remedies for die off symptoms.

So if you ever want to quickly look something Candida related up on my blog – it’s all in one place now, easier to find.

Accessible from the right Side Bar.

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