Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s What You Need to do!


You might have noticed that I missed a couple of blog posts lately.

I dropped the ball – I’m sorry.  

I set out to consistently provide you with quality content helping you on your journey away from Candida inflicted health issues to a healthier lifestyle…

I feel overwhelmed!

Overwhelmed with the stack of messages in my inbox. Overwhelmed with my daily health routines and cooking. Overwhelmed with making decisions and planning my future. Overwhelmed with taking business risks and dealing with uncertainty and the struggle to make ends meet being self employed.

Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes?

The thing is I hate admitting that I am not on top of things at the moment. I’d much rather pretend everything was fine. But I want to be honest with you.

I remember when I first started the Candida diet I was even more overwhelmed.

I was desperate actually.

overwhelmed me

Compared to what I went through then and what you might be going through right now – my current life situation is a walk in the park. But somehow when you’re in the middle of it all it doesn’t feel like that.

To be honest I have been feeling pretty frantic and burned out for quite some time now. But I didn’t address the issue — I just worked harder to get through it.

Work smarter, not faster!

It reminded me how in the beginning of the diet I would follow the diet military style — no hint of sugar would touch my lips and I was super strict and disciplined.

Although that of course has its plus points it can also come at a price.

The downsides of being permanently stressed

If you are using up so much will power every day just to resist temptation and NOT to do certain things it’s very easy to become miserable or extremely stressed. I did both, hah!

Stress actually changes your body chemistry, massively undermining your immune system and making you highly emotional. If you are then also dealing with the die off from the killed yeast – feelings of despair are virtually guaranteed.

The solution is actually surprisingly simple (yet incredibly hard to do!) — let go.

Give yourself some rest.

You have to learn to relinquish control. To live with certain things not being done. Perhaps to ask family members for help.

You need rest. LOTS of it!

overwhelmed me in need of a rest!

When you think you haven’t got the time for a 20 minute rest or meditation that’s a sign that you should do 3 hours worth of rest/ meditation. You really need it. You deserve it!

You’ll get a lot more done afterwards as well.

That said, none of those logical reasons stopped me from driving myself crazy.

What put it in perspective for me — my dad broke his arm — I’m going to Germany for 3 weeks (you won’t hear from me)

I only stopped being frantic when I received a phone call from my mum — my dad has just broken his arm, and because his other arm is disabled due to a chainsaw accident when he was my age he is extremely handicapped now.

So I straightaway booked a flight to go and see them — this weekend. Just to help with cooking, gardening and making errands.

Let’s not kid ourselves here – I won’t get any of my work done while I’m away. So the recipes book is on hold, as well as my usual weekly blog posting schedule. But that’s probably for a good thing.

It will give me time to put everything in perspective and to mentally recharge (and speak my mother tongue and eat lots of German goodies, yay!)

I’d rather you didn’t hear from me for then next 3-4 weeks than half-heartedly throwing some posts up there… When I come back I am in a much better position to support you on your journey to health.

In the meantime if you have an urgent question please ask it in the comments on the FAQ page — I’ll be checking it periodically while I’m away. And there’s also the supportive Candida diet “detox buddies” community on Facebook

Take care my friend :)

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  • Angela Knight

    Reply Reply May 12, 2014

    Ahhh I hope you enjoy your time away, and feel better for it :) take care x

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