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Part 2 of the Candida Diet Recipes Series (Snacks!)

This is the second part of my 4 Part Candida Diet Foods Series — let’s see what healthy snacks you can have!

All gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free :)


Naturally snack bars taste best when you add fruit/ dried fruit or honey. But for a Candida sufferer this addition is detrimental, because the sugar feeds the yeast which in turn causes you to feel hungover or ill. Hence bought cereal, fruit and even protein bars are out of the window.

The trick is to find savory snacks you enjoy that don’t require sugar or you have to sweeten your home made snack bars with Stevia and Xylitol. I found a few nice snack bar recipes that contain mostly oats/ oatmeal, nuts and seeds and are fine to eat even on the Candida diet.

I personally am a great friend of making gluten free/ Paleo bread or pancakes, freezing them in slices and then quickly whipping a portion out of the freezer and toasting it for a quick comforting snack. I always make sure that I have some leftover vegetables at hand that I can re-heat from the day before. Lightly seasoned with a little olive oil or flax oil that doesn’t taste bad at all, and if you add a little bit of protein (meat, egg, fish, feta, beans or lentils) it fills you up for even longer.

Veg & beans or chicken soups blended are also excellent quick sources of nourishment and still taste nice when reheated.


  • Bone Broth — sounds weird, but full of minerals and ever so good for you (set some going when you next roast a chicken)
  • Crunchy Chickpeas/ Garbanzo Beans — the quickest and most delicious savory snack ever, and a real crowd-pleaser and kids love it, too.
  • Rosemary Flax Crackers — crisp & crunchy, who needs crisps if you can nibble on this healthy Candida snack, right!?
  • Baked Kale Chips



  • I know Porridge (oatmeal) makes the perfect quick, convenient and filling snack. But it’s best only enjoyed once or twice a week (even less often at the beginning of the diet). Stick to gluten free oats if you can to avoid a potential allergic response. This can happen even if you’re not celiac, because many people develop an intolerance to grains when they have Candida, especially if a Leaky Gut is present.
  • That’s why Millet and Quinoa despite being nutritious and gluten free are also often not well tolerated. Try wholegrain rice porridge instead — it’s less likely to cause an allergic response, yet super delicious (try it with ground rice kernels rather than the whole grain, use a coffee grinder or Vitamix).
  • If you’re a chocoholic make your own chocolate from raw cocoa, coconut oil, liquid Vanilla stevia and Vanilla bean (you can also use Carob powder instead of the cocoa for a healthy twist or you can try these Chocolate Cashew Protein Balls.


And then there are smoothies of course — we’ll be looking at those next, in the 4 part of our Candida diet recipes series.

If you’re looking for more food inspiration check out my Pinterest boards, and in case you missed last week’s post — here’s Part 1 of the Candida diet recipes series – Quick Meals & Travel Food

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