Pau D’arco Tea for Beating Candida – Your Medicine Cabinet (Part 1)

Herbs have been instrumental for me in the recovery from Candida related health issues.

I think they are a highly underutilized weapon in the fight against Candida, and they are so easy to source.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share with you which ones helped me the most (hence the title “Part 1”, there are three more to follow).

You don’t need a prescription from a doctor, you don’t need to be a herbalist or nutritionist to benefit from the power of herbal teas. Anybody can get hold of them.

Let me share with you one of the main herbal teas I used for Healing Candida

I have gained my knowledge from reading books like “Grow your own drugs from James Wong” and by trying out different teas at my local health food store. 

Beneficial Medicinal Properties of Pau d’arco Tea

Technically not a “herb” because it is made from the inner and outer bark of a South American Indian tree, Pau D’Arco Tea has been used for a wide variety of infections for centuries.

It effectively stops colds, bronchitis, flu and even sexually transmitted diseases in their tracks. But aside from viral infections it also helps lessen the effects of bladder and yeast infections.

How I used the tea to Beat Candida

When you have been struggling with Candida on and off for a long time your immune system tends to be very low. So long term Candida sufferers tend to constantly come down with some type of infection somewhere in there body like a sore throat for instance.

That happened to me a lot too. Initially it was sinuses infections, then bronchitis or a tummy bug, then incapacitating flu-like headaches. When someone in the same room as me so much as sneezed you bet I had it the next day, and it stayed with me for a while.

Pau D’arco has been one of the most important herbs for me in the treatment of systemic Candida, because it not only actively inhibits fungal growth and thereby Candida, but also nips all secondary infections in the butt.

I have found it invaluable for boosting my immune system in order for my body to regain the strength required to keep Candida in check.  


I drunk Pau D’arco tea as a natural tonic and Candida treatment for a month on end 1-2 times a day, generally a cup with breakfast and with dinner. I had the tea bags and would prepare them according to the instructions on the box, covering the tea bag with boiling water and letting it sit on the side for 10-15 minutes. If the tea had gone cold by then I would simply quickly re-heat it in a sauce-pan and drink it. Reheating doesn’t affect the taste. 

It tastes similar to black tea or Rooibos Tea with a pleasantly dark colour and a mild wooden aroma.

Out of all the Candida remedies Pau D’arco tea is definitely one of the nicest ones!  I would recommend switching to different teas after a few weeks of drinking it regularly.

It is also advisable with any new remedy to test your reaction to small amounts first to see how your body reacts and if possible discuss it with a practitioner beforehand to be on the safe side. Even though Pau d’arco tea is pretty harmless it can cause side effects for instance it could impact blood thinning medication.

Where can you get the speciality tea to help fight Candida?

There usually is a great variety of medicinally herbal teas at your local health food store. I buy mine at “Archie Browns” in Truro.

Depending on where you live it is also a good idea to browse the Internet for the best place to buy “loose herbal teas” in your region or country.

In my case, living in the UK, I found a great place up north who send out fantastically fresh and aromatic whole herbs and dried flowers at a very reasonable price. They are called “Woodland Herbs”. I know there are fantastic places in the US and other countries too, “Mountainrose Herbs for instance in America, and you can also find select tea varieties on Amazon.

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