The Link between Candida and Diabetes – Tips to Control your Blood sugar levels

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Hey guys, it’s FAQ time again, where you can ask me any Candida and health related question that might be bugging you. 

Here’s the latest question that a reader asked me:candida and diabetes


Q: How are the two linked?

What do I need to watch out for with my diet?

A: Candida is a common condition for diabetics. I know this first hand because my dad is a type 2 diabetic.

The 3 most important things you need to do…

– when you have candida and especially if you also have diabetes:

  1. Control blood sugar

  2. Fix leaky gut problem

  3. Practice thorough oral hygiene

Make sure that you eat enough food.

Eat wholesome foods that keep your blood sugar levels stable. This helps you to avoid cravings and gives you energy.

Good sources are:

  • oats (if they agree with you)
  • whole-grains
  • dark leafy vegetables
  • and oily fish
  • Cinnamon and almonds are great for this, too.

Since your immune system is slightly compromised due to the diabetes, your blood sugar levels are higher than normal. This creates an environment that promotes candida growth.

That’s why it is important that you brush and floss thoroughly and rinse your mouth with an antifungal medication.

You can probably get some prescribed by your dentist.

Alternatively you can easily mix yourself a mouthwash like I do .

How to Make a Minty Mouth Wash at Home:

Minty Mouth Wash

Mine contains myrrh, sage oil, thyme oil, tea tree oil and mint oil – go easy on the tea tree oil though – it’s very strong and smells pungent, I prefer mint :-) .

Keep the mixture in a dark pharmacy bottle in the fridge and put 1-2 drops in a glass of water to rinse your mouth out.

How often do you need to take it?

These days I don’t do this very often. But when I started on the Candida Diet and had the typical “white tongue” and a horrible taste in my mouth, I used to rinse my mouth out 1-3 x daily.

It leaves you with such a fresh minty flavour in your mouth.

It is rather pleasant.

And a much gentler sensation than you’d get from those toxic mouth rinses you can buy over the counter, that make your mouth freeze in horror.

Up your Vitamin & Mineral Intake to Boost Your Immune System

I also thoroughly recommend you take a good vitamin and mineral complex (1 capsule in the morning and 1 later in the day).

  • Vitamin B3 and the mineral chromium help your liver to release a substance that makes insulin more potent.
  • Vitamins B and C give support to your adrenal glands and pancreas.
  • Magnesium also plays a big role in the carb metabolism. Beans and peas as well as whole grains, nuts and seeds are high in magnesium.

The more you are able to control your blood sugar the more weight you take of your organs that are trying to control the situation.

They then are no longer exhausted and can be restored to work healthily and efficiently.

The MultiVit capsules that dad and I take are called Advanced Nutrition Complex from Higher Nature.

I also take chlorella and spirulina powder diluted in water, which has lots of minerals in it and helps me to keep cravings at bay.

What to tackle first – Candida or Diabetes?

Having to deal with just Candida or Diabetes on its own it already quite tough. But tackling both at the same time is even harder.

On the flip-side, getting rid of Candida is bound to have a good knock on effect on your overall health. Which in turn makes it a lot easier to eat healthily.

Did you know that just from a diet change and supplements alone you can fully get a handle on Diabetes?

At least type 2 diabetes. I had no idea.

It was only recently that I learned this from Patrick Holford’s book “Say No To Diabetes” which I highly recommend you read if you have Diabetes yourself.

The book also has plenty of nice healthy recipes in it to get you started. So you literally only need to follow the program outlined in the book.

I am desperate for my dad to try it. But he is difficult (he is not prepared to give up any of his comfort foods as he thinks he is too old to give up the last bit of enjoyment in his life… – how can you argue with that!)

Having experienced myself what a profound impact the candida diet has had on my health, I believe Diabetes can be controlled in the same manner, too. I’d be curious to hear what you think of it.

You can find out more candida & health related info in the next FAQ session beginning of May. Pop your question in the comment box below if you’d like to be included.

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