1. Hello Jessica, don’t worry, you’ve done a fantastic start by following the GAPS diet. That’s very healthy and in some respect similar to the candida diet in the sense that meat, eggs, healthy fats and vegetables should build the base for your diet now. Fruit and honey are unfortunately not allowed. It would probably be quite difficult to not let your kids have fruit and milk (dairy) though. Maybe that is not necessary (might be worth running it past a nutritionist).

    Do your kids show symptoms or are you just concerned because you have candida? If they don’t show symptoms you don’t need to worry so much. If you give them a balanced wholefoods diet, avoiding overly sweet fruit and refined sugar that goes a long way towards their health. Kid’s immune systems are actually quite strong if they are not compromised by long doses of antiobiotics…

    You can either do a short fast (more info here: or you can carry on with the GAPS diet, without eating fruit and sweeteners. If it’s hard to do all at once then slowly reduce the amount of fruit and honey you consume.

    After 2-7 days fluid diet/ fast the strict diet starts where you can eat meat, eggs, fish and vegetables with good quality oils and bone broth. After two weeks you can slowly start adding a bit of carbs back into your diet (almond and coconut flour foods, technically grains and wholegrain flours as well (not wheat though), but I’m guessing since you’re following GAPS you won’t be eating that. Not a problem, you’ll actually heal quicker that way.

    Can you eat sweet potatoes and butternut squash? Be careful with all sweet vegetables like beetroot and carrot as well. Eat only small amounts and only several weeks into the diet when your symptoms have lowered considerably.

    You’ll need to start taking antifungal supplements, too, when you start with the strict diet. You can carry on with the Probiotics. It’s good that you are taking those, the higher the better. Only during the fast (if you decide to do it) you can stop taking them as the idea is to flush everything out of your system and then start with probiotics. For those few days there’s no need to reduce the probiotics gradually, just carry on as before after the fast. Just take them several hours away from the antifungals (that also includes garlic, coffee, mint, anything pungent or hot).

    The main thing is to reduce your sugar intake. You’ll feel much better when you let that go. Chin up, you’ll be fine!

  2. Hi. I was wondering which probiotics you use and that works best? I have tried many different probiotic capsules and pearls.

  3. Hi. Thank you for your reply on Probiotics. I know you recommended the Custom one from the UK and the Garden of Life, but why not the HMF one by Genestra?On your review it said you thought that one was the best? And is it safe to take these while pregnant? I am not
    Pregnant yet but hope to be soon. Thanks!

  4. The HMF were recommended to me by a reader. I haven’t tried them myself. They do sound great though. My review is quite old now. At the time I hadn’t tried Custom probiotics or Garden of Life.
    I would presume that they are safe to take while pregnant. But it’s worth checking with the probiotics’ company or your doc.

  5. Hi: I’ve just been diagnosed with Candida through a tongue culture from my primary doctor. She prescribed a “magic mouthwash” for 2 weeks and gave me 2 antibiotics. Upon reading on the web I am starting to get concerned that this is not an easy fix. I would like to find out more from you on my steps needed to take, 1)cleanse – where can I find this diet? 2)Antifugals -when do I start these? and 3)Probiotics – when do I start these?
    Thank you very much.

    • Hi again, you are quite right, it rarely is a quick fix. But you never know… Fingers crossed. In any case it would be good to follow up the antibiotics your doc gave you with plenty of probiotics like you already rightly suggested. You can find answers to your questions in my book ‘The Candida Diet Solution – Cure Candida in 4 Simple Steps’ – you can find it on Amazon under my name ‘Sandra Boehner’. I’m in the process of updating the info so if you get in quickly you might still be able to read it before I take the book down… All the best

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