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Part 1 of Candida Diet Recipes Series (Travel foods!)

This is the first part of my 4 Part Candida Diet Foods Series — let’s see what different healthy meals and snacks you can make (all REALLY quick to make!). These are the topics:

1. Candida diet recipes

2. Snacks (coming up next week)

3. Smoothies

4. Desserts

So let’s start with Candida diet recipes in general.

Apart from the classic recipes that I make time and time again like Roast chicken with vegetables, steamed salmon with veggies and wholegrain rice with vegetable stir fry I can whole-heartedly recommend the recipes below:

They are quick, versatile and you can generally prepare them the day before if you have a busy day ahead of you, and some you can even take with you when travelling.


  • Grain free Tortilla Wraps — just fill with hummus and red pepper, turkey slices and lettuce or tuna and cucumber, a little bit of seasoning or dressing and you’re good to go
  • another easy recipe for wraps with flax seeds — gluten free & Paleo
  • Sesame soda bread — yeast free sandwich bread, low in gluten (perfect as snack toasted with coconut oil and a little herb salt)
  • Coconut flour bread — gluten free & Paleo (very filling because of the eggs in it)



It’s also always a good idea to have a chunk of cucumber to slice and nibble on, a ripe avocado and slices of organic red bell pepper (takes the edge of your sweet tooth) and a green juice or green smoothie (more on that in Part 3 of this series.


I’m not a great advocate of pasta dishes for various health reasons. Wholegrain rice pasta aren’t too bad, but Zucchini pasta would be the healthiest choice (thinly slice zucchini/ courgette to soak up your delicious pasta sauce).

Talking of which — this is a killer Pasta sauce and completely dairy-free and vegan, wohoo. It freezes like a charm and also tastes great with cooked wholegrain rice. Do use only a fraction of the suggested garlic amount though!)

If you’re looking for more food inspiration check out my Pinterest boards and stay tuned for next week’s post about healthy Candida diet friendly snacks.


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  • Jasmin

    Reply Reply March 26, 2015

    Hiya Sandra , can I have the flax seed wrap and coconut wraps at stage 1 of the diet or is it later into the diet . Iam thinking should I juice first or smoothie as smoothie can be harsh on my gi tract because of the fibre content in it .

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