You Asked – I Listened: Recipes Book Now Half Price – Forever!

Candida diet recipes book price update

Yes. I admit the price of $19.99 didn’t sit right with me. 

Although I do truly believe the book is worth way more than the asking price (because I spent the better part of three years testing and fine tuning the recipes and I also included meal plans — that alone would cost you a lot from a nutritionist!)

But hand on heart, if I never spend that much on an e-book – why should you?!

So here we go.

From now on you’ll be able to purchase “The Sugar Free and Easy Candida Diet Recipes” eBook for only $9.99!

  • That’s 6.31 GBP — go straight to the UK Amazon store here
  • 7.75 Euros
  • 10.95 Canadian dollars

You can get it from the Amazon store in your country in your currency. Go straight to the USA Amazon shop here.

And you can also buy it with your credit card from me (through a safe payment processor called Gumroad) – click here to buy it directly (you can cancel the transaction right until you have put your details in).


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    • Malka

      Reply Reply October 13, 2014

      I just purchased your kindle book on amazon, how can I have it printed as I don’t always have internet access?

      • Sandra

        Reply Reply October 14, 2014

        Dear Malka,
        many thanks for purchasing the e-book. With its 339 pages it isn’t really ideal to be printed. But if you wanted to print select pages of recipes you could do that by downloading a free e-book viewer (like calibre for instance – I use it, it’s easy to use –

        If you’d rather get a refund, that’s no problem, too.

        Alternatively if you don’t have a computer and you cannot wait for the print version of the book then I could create a pdf version for you. You can then print the pdf. But it might work out cheaper if you take it or email it to a printer near you and get printed (preferably even as draft copy to cut costs). I am sorry there is no straight forward way.

        In the meantime you could get started with the diet by printing off the stage 1 & 2 recipes from my website

        Could you perhaps postpone the start of the diet until the paperback version is out (2-3 weeks)? It is wise to prepare yourself by gradually transitioning your diet to be sugar free anyway. So cut out wheat, alcohol, refined flour, sweet fruit and processed foods and cook with organic foods and white meat and lots of fish. That would help immensely and sat your diet up for success.

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