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the making of the Candida Diet Recipes e-book

Hey how are you?

Long time, no see! Just to let you know, I’m still here ?  

I think you’ve probably guessed by now from the infrequency of blog posts that I am struggling to keep all the balls in the air…

and therefore keep pushing the publishing date for the e-cook book further and further away.

The trouble is that I have no money to pay a designer to help me with the formatting, payment systems and the last tweaks of the copy. So I have to work around my partner Johnny’s schedule who is a web designer and very kindly giving up his weekend to help me get this thing finished (plus 2 days next week and the week after if need be… boy when does it end?!) 

That’s him there, getting his head around InDesign which sounds all Greek to me ?

First Round of Taste Testers Results Have Come In – Everyone Loves the Recipes, yay!

I am super thrilled with the results: Everyone loved the recipes and the book in general. There were only minor tweaks regarding specifying instructions and measurement conversions that were easy to correct.

Special thanks to Cat, Hannah, Diana, Nóra, Yooyin, Susan, Joyce, Kayla, Julie, and Mary who went above and beyond the call of duty with recipe testing. From step by step reviews to actually taking photos of the results — I love getting feedback from you guys. The same applies to you obviously — So if you cook one of my recipes in the next few weeks, and you have a suggestion how to adapt or improve the recipe — please email me.

Time to Finish the Book Now…

I’m just working behind the scenes to put the recipes book together… It is all taking a little longer than expected. But we are on a good course now. I expect to be able to show the recipes book to you (in .mobi/ epub format for kindle) within the next two to four weeks.

I will also try to create a separate Pdf version to be viewed on other devices (tablets, mobile, computer) and a paperback version as well. This might take a few weeks longer (says the designer), so we’ll see.

Either way I’m super excited to have the first draft in front of me to proof read.

You can see me adding the final touches to the 198 x A4 pages long document below.

A Useful Resources Guide for You (if you are on my email list!)

I am also including a resources guide in the book outlining where you can buy all the diet essentials like coconut oil, rice milk and so on (I had a ton of readers helping me out by sharing where they buy their ingredients, which was awesome – and I’m sharing my own recommendations for the UK as well).

I thought rather than letting you wait until the book is published I’d give the resources guide to you now. Sound good?

This is a thank you for being on my email list. So if you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter than you are really missing out this time, because the resources guide can’t be accessed from anywhere on my website (scroll below the photo and put your email address into the green box to claim the resources list and get my email updates).



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P.S.: If you are reading this after I have already sent out the list just shoot me an email, and I will send you the list… ?

    • Thanks so much Hannah, I need all the encouragement I can get at the moment — it’s land under here haha ?
      Onwards and upwards! Hope all is well with you xx

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