6 Gluten Free Snacks (Rice Cake Variations)

Serves 1

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Time to make: 1 minute

My Constant Quest for Sugar Free & Gluten Free Snacks Continues…

In case you were wondering how I manage to survive my hard core high protein, low carb diet – then let me share these 6 new anti candida diet friendly gf-snacks with you:

Rice Cake With Veggie Curry

Make generous amounts of veggie curry or stir-fry, so the next day you can scoop some on your rice cake, like I did here – Tada!

This was a deliciously mild curry with coconut cream, mmmhhh!

Curried Rice Cake With Ham or Chickpeas/ Garbanzos

Leftover sauce from the curry the night before (different curry – much hotter!)

The addition of yogurt, cherry tomatoes and a big handful of fresh herbs like Basil and Coriander made this rice cake creation taste out of this world.

So much so that it didn’t really need the small cubes of “Schinken” cured ham (I hear ya – it’s not good for ya – use feta or chickpeas instead then… but it tasted rather spectacular I’ll let you know ????

Rice Cake With Tuna and Cucumber

(I used line caught tinned tuna and made sure all the oil was drained) mixed with slices of chilled cucumber and salt & pepper)

Of all the gluten free snacks I know this one is probably the most filling one!


Homemade or bought – organic hummus is always a fantastic addition to your diet. Eaten with celery sticks (or red pepper as here in the photo) it also has a super positive effect on your digestion.

Soba Noodles Snack

No time or energy to prepare dinner?

You’ll love this dish – It’s ridiculously quick to make and also light on your tummy.

Soba noodles are one of my favourite gluten free snacks.

Whenever I’ve left it too late to cook a full on dinner (happens quite a lot!) I just chop a couple of cabbage or kale leaves or leek and and red pepper and lightly saute the veg in Sesame oil with a little sea salt and pepper. For a finishing touch you can sprinkle Sesame seeds on top and

The noodles themselves only take 4 minutes to cook.

So the whole process is a breeze. For added crunch and minerals I often sprinkle sea salad (sea weed) and sesame seeds on top (and sometimes I even grate a bit of raw carrot over the dish which adds a nice fresh sweetness to it while still keeping the overall carb amount lower than shop bought marinara sauces with sugar offer, and also lower than cooked carrots for example.)

Almond & Hazelnut Butter Rice Cake

almond butter rice cake

Home made almond butter is always a winner – whether it’s homemade or bought.

Full of nutritional goodness to speed your healing up & give you energy ?

Enjoy it on a rice cake or on toasted bread (and be sure to up your water intake as this is highly binding!).

These gluten free snacks are not only super quick to make but also gentle on your digestive system!

The past few months there has not been a single day where I haven’t eaten at least one if not more of these healthy little fillers.

Perfect to keep your blood sugar levels even and combat cravings.

So next time mid morning and mid afternoon when you get hungry – Stock up on 2 of the healthy goodies above and you’ll…

  • feel full of energy all day
  • effortlessly keep your figure (or lose weight if that’s your goal)
  • and you really won’t feel like snacking on sugary snacks.

So regardless whether you’re recovering from a candida related illness, IBS or you simply want to eat healthily – give my snackaroons a try sometime.

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    • Hi Ann, a few spoons of cooked wholegrain rice with coconut oil or greens and flax oil and a little seasoning would be preferable in stage 2. Occasionally you could have some organic wholegrain rice cake – tuna & cucumber would be a good combination to keep you full for longer. I’d have no more than 1-2 rice cakes at a time though. But really view it as ‘fast food’ not as go to snack, because it’s highly processed, there’s no nutritional value in it and a body that is already run down would be using up valuable nutrients in order to be able to digest this, so you can imagine, someone who demolishes half a pack of corn cakes in one sitting for instance might end up feeling worse for wear.from resorting to these convenience snacks all the time

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