Rice Pudding – Sweet & Comforting

Serves 2-4

Prep time: 0

Time to make 40 minutes/ 1 minute to re-heat

Definitely one of my favourite candida diet desserts – I can eat it all day long. Just brown rice cooked in 1l of water for 30-40 mins with a table spoon of coconut oil and some cinnamon.

Top Tip: For a sweeter slightly more delux version of this comfort food stir in some hot rice milk with organic maize meal – great way to thicken up your pud and give it a yellow colour, flavour and consistency similar to custard.

Another way to pimp up your rice pudding is to add warm rice milk and fold a couple of beaten egg whites under – yum!

If you are eating the rice without milk or you are using almond or coconut milk instead of the rice milk you might want to add a few drops of Vanilla Stevia for more sweetness ?

    • Hello Sarah Jane, one litre equals a little over 4 cups or 1.75 pints or 0.87 quarts. But there’s no exact science here, the more water the better, as there will be less opportunity to burn.

    • Hello Sarah Jane, 1 litre is a little over 4 cups or 1.75 pints or 0.87 quarts. But there is no exact science here. The more water the better as that will prevent the rice from burning to the pan.

      • I love everything about your blog but the before/after posts are my fave with personal posts coming in second. I just love getting to know the girl behind the blog. ? And love the idea of restyling an area. I do that almost everyday! Okay. A bit of an extngeraaiog. I do rearrange every time I clean but that’s certainly not every day. (Feels like it sometimes, though!)Have a great weekend!

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