Roasted Turkey Thighs (also nice with Chicken)

Serves 8       

Prep time: 0

Baking time: 2.5 hours at 350 F, 177C, Gas 4

Delicious and wonderful flavour!

It’s super easy, but it tastes as if it took all day to prepare. I expect the recipe will become a staple in your house!


  •         2 medium turkey thighs or 1 big one
  •         4 slices of organic bacon
  •         Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  •         3 lbs onions, turnip or swede (cut up) or Brussels sprouts (whole)
  •         4 tablespoons organic butter, ghee or oil of your choice)
  •         Dash of apple cider vinegar
  •         2 teaspoons fresh rosemary (or 1 tsp dried)
  •         2 bay leaves
  •         1 teaspoon thyme
  •         Optional: 1 tbsp ground arrowroot powder (organic corn starch or other gravy binder of your choice)


  1. Season the turkey thighs with sea salt and pepper.
  2. Gently warm up the butter in a pot on the hob and baste the turkey thighs once with it and place them in a baking pan on top of the bacon slices (skin side up). Cover with tin-foil and bake for 1 hour at 350°F, 177C, Gas 4
  3. Baste turkey thighs again with the melted butter, adding a dash of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, rosemary, bay leaves and thyme.
  4. Add the cut-up turnip around the turkey and return to the oven (making sure that the skin side is up again and that there’s a bit of oil left underneath the turkey so the thighs don’t burn, but leave the pan uncovered.
  5. Continue baking for another 1- 1.5 hours, until the meat and vegetables are cooked through and the crust or the roasted turkey thighs is as crisp as you like it.
  6. Towards the end of the baking time steam any other vegetables of your choice, for instance green beans or carrots.
  7. Optional if you want to make gravy: Pour the cooking fluid, bacon from the baking pan into a measuring cup. Add a piece of shredded meat and some vegetables, a spoon full of ground arrow root starch dissolved in a little bit of cold water then added to the cooking fluid. Then blend, and if necessary add a bit of hot water.
  8. Serve turkey with gravy on the side for dipping.
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    1. Hi Sandra,
      Sunday Roast using Turkey Thighs from our local butcher
      has been a weekly highlight for my Wife and I.
      A thigh is sitting in our fridge ready for cooking tomorrow.
      We usually put in a slow cooker but will give this new recipe
      a go and report back.

      • Awesome! Fab idea to put it in the Slow cooker – I bet that makes it incredibly tender. Do you use broth to keep the meat moist?

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