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How I was able to get my Candida Symptoms under Control by Following a Strict Diet

Hi my name is Sandra. 6 years ago I was very ill.

My GP could not help me, a specialist gave me steroids and made it worse. A naturopath and homeopath failed to see what was wrong with me.

So I took my health into my own hands.

To cut a long story short, I changed my lifestyle and followed a special diet which helped me get back on track – It’s called the Candida Diet.

Let me Share with You my Experience with the Candida Diet including my Exact Journey to Recovery

  • You can read about every treatment I tested. Which remedies worked and which didn’t.
  • I share with you what side effects the medication had on me and what I did to minimise these.
  • You’ll learn what recipes keep your cravings at bay and what dishes taste awful that you really don’t need to bother with.
  • I’ll show you what the consequences are if you don’t stick to the Candida diet.
  • I’ll break all this down for you into each body part/ illness so you can quickly browse to the aspect in your body that is troubling you at the moment.

Knowing how long you might be handicapped for is a huge advantage when planning your life around your recovery activity.

And truth be told, you can heal your body yourself – naturally! Only few people ever try it – Are you one of them?


A photo of me after the candida diet

This is me in Nov 2011

A photo of me before the candida diet

This is Poor Me before I started the Candida Diet in 2010!

Before you read on here are 2 important things I need you to know:

1. Firstly, as much as I had loved to launch my site already filled with all the cool candida resources I’ve gathered – it didn’t happen. Life and my day job got in the way.

What this means is that this stuff you’re about to read is a bit like a road map. It’s not quite the real deal. It just gives you an idea of the cool stuff that’s in store for you. At this moment what’s on this site is only a snap shot of the full content that I will be posting here over the next 4 months.

So in case you’re wondering where all the recipes and remedies are that I mention here – they are on their way. Please bear with me.

2. Secondly, if you follow my health recommendations, you need to understand that I’m not a qualified health practitioner. Just someone who dedicated 5 years of their life to extensive research and home study.

But judging from the reports and photos of my steady recovery – I must have been doing something right, don’t you think?

Here on this site are my very own down to earth tips for your health & healing. I hope they help you avoid spending lots of money on treatments that are not right for you.

The main things you can learn here about The Candida Diet:

● What is Candida? How do you get it?

● How a Candida Cleanse can help you and what a yeast free diet actually looks like

● What foods can you eat? Plus some delicious & easy to cook Candida Diet Recipes

Not any odd recipes but plenty of healthy menus for looking slim & feeling awesome!

Other useful stuff coming up for you here in the next few weeks:

Home Remedies (including sore throat, sinuses infection, hay fever, eczema, cystitis, constipation remedies)

List of the Best Candida Diets/ Treatments & Antifungals Review

● Relaxation techniques and tips for a healthy work life balance

● Psychological insights of NLP – breaking down whatever is holding you back from becoming fitter

How My Story relates to You

Only by accident I found out that my health problems were all caused by yeast infections (candida). Since then I have been devoted to studying holistic medicine and nutrition.

Knowing what food triggers inflammation and what natural remedies calm down flare ups is the key to healing.

I learned what the body needs to operate healthily. And what hinders healing and makes people ill.

I found home remedies that not only cure all symptoms of a yeast infection. But also most common ailments.

It has taken me 2.5 years to get better. Years of trial and error. Treating Candida with a simple change of diet and natural remedies.

A diet that can help you, too.

I am virtually healed now. It might take me 3 more months, maybe 6 – depending on how radical I’ll stick to the candida diet plan.

I still get the odd flare up when I eat very sugary foods. But I am not bothered by that. I can get this under control with antifungal medication within a matter of days.

The long-term plan is to avoid easily falling into a relapse. At the time of writing this (spring 2012) I expect this to take another year of low carb maintenance diet.

What is a year in the big scheme of things – Time flies!

I’m in no rush though, as I KNOW I’ll eventually cure it completely. Right now I just take it easy sometimes and enjoy foods that I’m not supposed to.

The main thing for me now is that I look healthy and feel better than I have in years!

The candida diet plan I am following told me accurately how long it would take me to be fully healed.

I’m well on target, and it’s comforting to know that I’ll soon be 100% candida symptom free.

And if I can, so can YOU!

Do you like to live a rich life, enjoying social eating & drinking with your friends occasionally, too?

If your answer is yes and you are looking for an effective candida diet you can do parallel to your busy work life and personal commitments then this is the one for you.

It’s not a quick fix. It’s a gradual holistic approach and it kicks !@#$%^&* J

Fancy joining me for the ride? You’ll have your work cut out to overtake me ? Try me!

I have achieved an insane amount of healing in the past 2.5 years of Candida diet:

  • cured chronic sinuses infections
  • ear infections
  • asthma
  • bronchial infections
  • cold sores
  • throat infections
  • hay fever attacks
  • food intolerances
  • insane cravings
  • migraine
  • eye infections
  • swollen eye lids
  • a severe case of eczema that covered my entire body
  • stomach pain
  • acid reflux
  • insomnia
  • abdominal bloating
  • excessive gas
  • constipation
  • piles
  • thrush
  • cystitis
  • vaginitis
  • HPV outbreaks/cervical cell changes
  • irregular bleeding
  • IBS
  • depression, panic attacks
  • stiff joints
  • over-acidity in the body
  • allergic blisters and tennis ball size swellings
  • edema in the lower legs and feet to name but a few.

Beat that!

2.5 Years worth of Anti Candida Diet Diary – Finding Nourishing Recipes and Testing What Remedies work

Every day of those 2.5 years I wrote a food & treatment diary to record my progress.

Now I want to share my findings with you. So that your recovery is as quick & painless as possible.

I’ve put together a handy report for you with a list of all the ‘safe’ foods you can eat.

If you’re ready to cure your Candida infection the natural way then enter your email address and name in the side bar to Get the FREE Food List emailed to you.

Resources For People Who Suffer From Candida

  • If you have no idea what candida or what a yeast infection is this page is a good starting point.
  • If you suspect you might have a Candida related illness but you’re not sure read this quick self diagnosis candida test on the candida symptoms page. Your score will give you a pretty good idea.


Snacking my way back to health!

Ready to get my ‘Candida Safe Food List’ emailed to you?


    Candida Diet: 5 Core Natural Remedies
    Every Candida Sufferer Should Have! Get Your FREE Report Now


    • Bryndis D

      Reply Reply September 4, 2012

      Thank you so much for sharing, you give me hope

      • Sandra

        Reply Reply September 4, 2012

        I’m glad to hear it :-)
        Thanks for your lovely comment Bryndis.
        Always happy to give you encouragement, recipes & whatever would help you to change your diet and feel well again!

    • Amy

      Reply Reply September 5, 2012

      Inspiring!!! I have struggled with Candida…You make me feel like I can do it!
      Thank you for taking all your time to study!!
      Rock on!

      • Sandra

        Reply Reply September 5, 2012

        Amy, you’re my kinda girl! Love your positivity and drive, thanks for your feedback.
        You can definitely do it. Let’s make it happen!
        Pick a starting date right now, go on do it. I’ll even go through the cleanse again with you if you want. Can’t say fairer than that ?

    • Jenna

      Reply Reply January 6, 2013

      Hi, I suffered from candida for 5years, i was at a point of despair as doctors told me nothing was wrong with me but i knew there was. After trying to find out and in desperate need of help I came across an holistic centre which confirmed candida and provided me with supplements and diet plan. I was so much better and felt great, but now several years later after having two children and slipping back into very bad eating habits thinking that candida has gone away for good, i can feel it creeping up to eat away at me again. I need to fight back and start my diet as soon as possible although this time round Im feeling the strain as I dont have the time and the money like I use too and feel as though I cant do it!! Im hoping by reading your website it will give me a kick in the right direction!! Any hints and tips as to how to dedicate a change while trying to cope in a busy lifestyle with children, were snacks are my worst enemy will be much appreciated, thankyou x

      • Sandra

        Reply Reply January 7, 2013

        Hi, I know what it feels like to start the diet on a shoestring with a demanding life pulling you in all different directions! It’s incredibly challenging. But you’re not alone in this. There’s a small but tight-knit community here to help you get started and motivate you when times get tough.

        Are you on Facebook? I’m setting up a private Facebook group for people who are just starting with the candida cleanse. Become my FB friend (Sandra Boehner) and I’ll send you an invite :-) And there’s constantly new candida diet tips and recipes on the FB page, too. Not to mention the healthy snacks ideas on the Candida Diet Recipes pages. But that’s a lot to take on board. Just start with one thing, replace one old habit, one unhealthy snack, prepare one big soup…. small steps…

        The most important thing is to get into the right mindset though: Realise that this is going to be an uphill battle that might throw you back at times. So be patient and good to yourself. Find little rewards to motivate you regularly and create breathing space so you can gather the strength to go through with this. You can do it!!!

    • Jenna

      Reply Reply January 7, 2013

      Thankyou for your comment, I will look you up on fb, it will be great to create a network of people on there who understand, Thankyou again xxx

    • Julie Coles

      Reply Reply January 16, 2013


      I have subscribed to your updates but recently changed my email address unfortunately your web site wont let me submitt my new email address – and I cant seem to find the unsubscribe button – can you help please as I want to continue to receive the updates.

      many thanks
      Julie coles

      • Sandra

        Reply Reply January 17, 2013

        Hi Julie,

        I’m glad you are staying :-)
        I have deleted your old email address, and you should be able to re-subscribe now. Please do let me know if you are still having trouble. Then you can give me your new email address and I’ll add it manually.

        Thanks for letting me know.

    • Harriet

      Reply Reply March 2, 2014

      If I have to use Symbicort and ventolin daily will the candida diet still work for me?

      • Sandra

        Reply Reply March 2, 2014

        Hello Harriet, I have never heard of those meds so I couldn’t tell you, I’m afraid. The diet should still work though, as Candida is mostly regulated by what foods you eat.

    • Mickey

      Reply Reply April 2, 2014

      My acupuncturist has me on a candida diet and is sure I have leaky gut.
      My frustrations are that I have so many food sensitivities, and am so limited on what I can eat. She has taken me off of grains, beans, legumes, rice, anything with starch. I’m allergic to tomatoes, dairy, vinegars, eggs, spinach, green beans, soy, pineapple, corn, and of course gluten.
      My diet is organic meat and veggies, excluding: carrots, potatoes, yams, yellow squash. Plus a lot of the food that you say is alright to eat is off of my list. I’m going crazy….
      When I see candida recipes, they usually include ingredients that I can’t eat. Going out to dinner is impossible.
      Any suggestions or advice?

      • Sandra

        Reply Reply April 23, 2014

        Hi Mickey, that is indeed a super strict diet you’re on, oh my! I hope your acupuncturist has allowed you a bit more variety now…
        I know how difficult it is to follow an exclusion diet! I in fact reacted to most of the foods you mentioned there, even meat and gluten free grains like millet, buckwheat and quinoa!
        Once your digestive system had recovered you’ll be able to start eating more foods. What about chickpeas and chickpea/ garbanzo beans flour – could you make a grain free quiche with that – it’s very tasty -just soften a few veggies in a little oil in a frying pan with a bit of seasoning and pour a batter made from chickpea flour and water on top – looks like a frittata/ oven omelet and is very nice and allergy friendly generally. Failing that, I’d have some coconut pancakes :)
        If you go out for dinner I’d order chicken salad (unless it comes with a cheesy or sugary dressing) or fish with vegetables. It’s tricky though, you best prepare your own food for the time being…
        All my best

    • Pri

      Reply Reply July 22, 2015

      Hi Sandra,

      I recently purchased your book detailing the candida diet plan.

      I have suffered with recurrent UTIs for about 2.5 years. In the last 4 months, I have had vaginal thrush on/off. Around the same time the thrush started, I was feeling very physically fatigued with aching muscles. The doctor’s tests revealed I had iron-deficiency anaemia, which I have been taking iron supplements for and so this has improved somewhat.

      I have relied on many antibiotic treatments to ease the pain of UTIs and have a strong sweet tooth and sugar cravings! I know this has likely created the perfect enviornment for the candida to thrive. I am a student studying Dentistry -although rewarding, the course has taken its toll on my stress levels.

      To relax, I love to exercise and am an avid runner. My worry with starting this diet is that I will not be able to uphold my fitness interests, which are very important to me. I was wondering if you could relate to this and if you have any suggestions for me.

      • Sandra

        Reply Reply July 28, 2015

        Hi Pri, thank you for buying my book – I hope you’ll find it useful. How wonderful that you love exercise and running – that will help you deal with the emotional stress that comes up when clearing excess Candida from your system. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to work out. The only time I’d advise against running is when you are fasting, because then you really do need all your energy for healing, other than that exercise is great. Do make sure you are counteracting the acidity caused by the exercise by drinking water with fresh lemon juice for instance and taking appropriate rest and getting lots of sleep. When you are in the die off state and feeling worse for wear also be a bit more cautious – gentle exercises are fine, but strenuous exercise is not, because your body is already struggling and you don’t need the extra strain of recovering from muscle repair and growth… Keep up the good work :)

    • Pri

      Reply Reply July 28, 2015

      Thank you so much for your reply and your advice :) I have started the diet and am about a week into it! Have found myself going back to porridge every morning because I feel that my body just seems to crave the heartiness. I have it with almond milk. Is that acceptable in your opinion?
      Also wondering how long it might take for the thrush symptoms to go away -roughly? Do I need to wait for the symptoms to have subsided completely before undertaking Stage 3 phase of the diet after the 2 weeks of strict diet?

      • Sandra

        Reply Reply August 9, 2015

        Hi Pri, it was the same for me… porridge is hard to let go of – could you have it only at the weekends as a treat? That’s what I would suggest.

        How long it will take you to recover from thrush depends entirely on how much Candida you have, how weak your immune system is and if there are any other infections present to could sabotage your recovery. Some people clear it up in a month, for others it takes years. You can go into stage 3, not need to wait. Hope you can get rid of it quickly.

        If you want to discuss your symptoms in more detail feel free to book a Beat Candida Clarity Cll with me – that would give you a clear plan of attack what you can eat and how to manage the symptoms including some nifty short cuts and supplement suggestions that enabled me to heal quicker. You can book a 30 minute session here

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