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Sugar Free & Easy Candida Diet Recipes (Book 1) Now in Paperback Format!

A selection of the best Candida Diet Recipes to get you started (stage 1 & 2 of the Candida diet). Know exactly what you can eat and can’t eat.



Use the diet to lose weight, calm down inflammation in your digestive system, cleanse, rejuvenate and set your whole body up for healing.

  So What’s Inside the Book?

  • 40+ of the best Candida Diet Recipes from
  • Including 5 sugar free recipes that are only available in this book, not on the website
  • 2 Week Meal Plan taking the stress out of your meal planning
Candida diet recipes Stage 2

Helps people with

  • Auto-immune or Chronic Health Issues (especially Candida/  yeast infections)
  • Food Sensitivities (especially Gluten-/ Dairy Intolerance.)
  • Chronic Fatigue, IBS and Diabetes

    The Candida Diet Recipes have been tried and tested by over 2,000 readers on over the past 4 years, and have now once again been approved and refined by a group of 16 recipes testers for maximum taste, usability and health benefit.

    The majority of the recipes are quick to make: 20-30 minutes max.


    The guidelines in the first part, the menu plans and tips for each stage are really helpful, and it is very good that a lot of the recipes have vegetarian options. I found your recipes really useful 🙂


    snacks stage 2 candida diet

    Unsure what ingredients you can use in your cooking?


    Confused about the conflicting kinds of Candida diet out there? Then you’ll like this Candida diet recipes book — it contains quick recipes that you can even make when you don’t feel like cooking.


    Healthy sugar free snacks that combat your cravings, yet are totally “safe” to enjoy.


    The recipes use simple ingredients you will probably already have in the house: vegetables, fish, white meat and eggs and a few other things. Very Paleo & SCD friendly and low carbs.

    From creamy veg soup with crispy turkey or roasted seeds to Salmon & Cabbage Rolls; from Indian-style scrambles eggs to coconut pancakes. A selection of easy recipes to take the stress out of your meal prep.

    They are also free of processed foods, highly nutritious and generally anti-inflammatory, which will speed up your recovery. Starting with a few nourishing drinks and broths this book moves you through the first two stages of the Candida diet. Helping you to eliminate sugar, yeast and other foods that could possibly aggravate your condition.


    I am free of Candida now, but I am still using your recipes sometimes. I tried the veggie soup with fried turkey and bacon bits on top… Oh my. The cost of your book for that recipe alone is so, so worth it! It was amazing.


    P.S.: Book 2 of these Candida diet recipes books contains lots of comforting and filling carb meals… it will also be available as paperback in the next few days. The printing costs actually work out a little cheaper for having the recipes split into two books, believe it or not!  You can get Book 1 for $11.99 (£8).

    If you’d rather have all the recipes in one place then you might prefer the digital version which is also available on Amazon and contains both recipes books. But you’d definitely be missing out on the nice old-school feel of holding a book in your hands, wouldn’t you 😉

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