Candida diet survey results

Survey Results: “How to Get Started with the Candida Diet” Won!

Here are the results of the recent survey: I asked you to choose what type of FREE Candida diet related training content I should create.

This is what the questionnaire looked like in case you missed it: 

Candida diet training survey

Turns out the majority of people would appreciate a bit of guidance how to start/ how to get back into the Candida diet.

Makes total sense to me, especially after the holiday season with all its foodie temptations….

Candida diet survey results

Your wish is my command :)

I have already started putting together the FREE 4 part training series. You can read more and watch a short 1 minute video of how you can join it here. You have one week to register (the training will start around the 5th of January!)

Hope you can follow along!

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