The Best Natural Hangover Cure


You didn’t overindulge in alcoholic frolicking or foodie debauchery the past few days, did you? Anything I should know about ?

Well, in case you did fall off the wagon metaphorically speaking, and in wise foresight for NYE… here’s my hangover cure page to the rescue:  

I’ve put together Useful Remedies for All Sorts of Symptoms Caused by Overindulgence. Whether…

  • you have eaten too much
  • you have eaten too many sweets
  • you have eaten something that didn’t agree with you
  • or – god beware – your drink at your companies Christmas do had been spiked with alcohol…

…and now you are looking for a hangover cure… these remedies will get you back on track in no time. Don’t you worry!

Remedy for feeling Lethargic and Weak

When breaking down alcohol your body cannot produce salts & minerals that normally regulate the functioning of all body parts. So you end up feeling weak, fuzzy and perhaps even a bit depressed or on edge.

What helps in this situation is to wrap up warm and go for a brisk walk – not what you feel like doing – but effective at boosting your metabolism, sweating out toxins from the alcohol and pumping oxygen through your body to nourish and repair your cells.

Remedy for Muscle Cramps

It can happen that you get a cramp in your lower legs after your night out. You can quickly remedy this by taking a magnesium tablet. If you don’t have one at hand eat some brown rice or green vegetables – they are naturally high in magnesium. Some mineral rich water also contains magnesium.

Good Foods That Help You Recover

You’ve probably encountered a craving for eating something salty after an all-nighter before – that’s a sign that your body needs something salty.

Here are 3 Hangover Remedies that help you restore your electrolyte imbalance quickly:

Broth/ Veggy Soup

Sipping a bit of broth or veggy soup will replenish your depleted mineral reserves, and you’ll soon feel better.

Bacon Omelet or Fish

An omelet with bacon and vegetables or a light fish dish can remedy your hangover symptoms quite quickly. A sandwich with slices of roast meat and a spicy sauce generally also does the trick.

Spicy Chicken Soup

An excellent natural hangover cure is a good old hearty chicken broth. Good on it’s own and even better with a pinch of cayenne pepper and ginger to get your heart pumping. And you’ll be back on track in no time. Don’t overdo it with real chillies though, as your stomach is a bit compromised – you don’t want to add to your misery by causing you to feel sick on top of your delicate state.

    Drinks as Hangover Cure

    Mineral Rich Water, Herbal Teas and ACV

    • Sipping water is of course recommended, about half a glass of water every half an hour or so.
    • Opt for herbal teas to soothe your stomach lining. Teas with fennel or aniseed are particularly beneficial, and definitely better than the ‘hair of the dog’ kind of idea of treating a hangover with the drink that induced it in the first place.
    • Water with a dash of un-distilled natural apple cider vinegar is also a fabulous hangover cure.

    Purifier Juice

    • If you can stomach a veggy juice, you’re onto a winner with this super healthy hangover cure combination: carrots, beetroot, red pepper, parsley and spinach – a powerful purifier.

    The natural sugar from the carrots and beetroot works hand in hand with the other beneficial constituents of the other ingredients. Throw in some fennel for its liver activating properties and some cleansing bell pepper and you’ll be back on your feet in no time. So even if you’ve had a drop too much the night before the massive carotenoid and antioxidant content in this juice is a powerful way to rapid recovery.

    Hangover Prevention/ Minimization

    Booze impacts on your kidneys ability to hang onto water (that’s partly why you need to wee so badly when you are drunk). This form of dehydration leads to all sorts of havoc in your body.

    • Your best bet is of course to prevent it in the first place by not drinking or at least coupling a glass of water with every alcoholic drink you have.
    • And before you go to bed – sip a glass of water with apple cider vinegar. This is high in vitamins and minerals, helping you to prevent the worst – the morning after.
    • Some people swear by taking a couple of B-Vitamin Complex tablets and vitamin C before going out. So, in my case that would be an extra dose of spirulina & chlorella I guess ? Good thing I’m not really drinking any alcohol any more, hehe…
    • You can also help your liver by taking a milk thistle supplement. But let’s face it, for most of us these wise words hit home too late, so we’ll just have to deal with the hangover symptoms like a nasty headache.

    Hangover cure for a Splitting Headache:


    • Fever few tea is a great natural headache remedy. Since most people don’t happen to have that at home your next best bet is to drink some chamomile tea (muscle relaxant) or peppermint tea (tummy soothing).
    • Pharmaceutical headache tablets obviously have their place for ease of use and to facilitate a speedy recovery – nothing worse than being in pain. The only downside with pills like aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol is that they can aggravate your stomach or liver. No big deal if you don’t take it regularly. But I personally avoid taking tablets if I can. I used to take Alka Seltzer, which targeted the salt and mineral deficiency while also giving fast pain relief.

    Natural Remedy for Nausea:

    • Rest, take it easy and stay in a darkened room, to take unnecessary discomfort of your sensitive eyes.
    • Sipping warm ginger tea helps to settle the stomach.
    • And you might want to take some more milk thistle tincture or tablets to support your battered your liver.

    If you feel worse for wear from overindulgence due to eating too much and too greasy or too late than these tips might help:

    • About 2-3 hours after your last meal or at bed time mix 2 tbs of psyllium husks in 2 cups of warm water or rice milk. Stir quickly as it thickens immediately. Follow up with a glass of water about a couple of minutes later. Be sure that you haven’t eaten anything in the past 3 hours before taking this hangover drink. If you do that then it very effectively clears away any partially digested foods and alcohol from your intestines.
    • If all else fails and you can’t suppress the urge to puke then get someone to buy you a small bottle or chewable tablets of Pepto-Bismol – that will seal your stomach and gut lining – and all is well!

    Remedy for irritable bowels and bloating

    • Herbs like marshmallow, liquorice root and slippery elm have a healing effect on irritable bowels and a painful lower abdomen. I have personally had great results from taking these herbs to heal my candida induced leaky gut problem. You can buy already pre-mixed ground up herbs from this online shop for herbs in the US and herbs, hands and healing in the UK.

    P.S.: Right, now you really are set for your next Big Night out. You’ll practically be invincible ? So go out and be merry. Because once you’re back I might well rope you in to do a detox with me, hah!

    What better time to do this than in the New Year! So watch out – I’m gearing up for a detox in January. I’ll be talking about this in more detail on the facebook page here. I hope you will join me. Are you in?

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