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I thought it would be helpful to create a resources page that you can use to see the products and services that I use to improve my health.   This list is still evolving as I try out different resources that I think would be relevant to you.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. Generally no more than 0.30 pence/ pennies/ cent, if at all, and your price stays the same. It helps with the running costs of this site.  I only recommend products that I found trustworthy and helpful. Most of them I am still using myself. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything listed below!

Candida Diet Meal Plans:

  • Erica White’s Beat Candida Book – here – the original Candida diet and treatment I followed, includes 300 recipes
  • Die Candida Diät (German) – example here – the diet I followed to kill the last bit of Candida overgrowth

The Best Supplements I’ve Been Taking and Why:

Anti Candida – Antifungal Action:

  • Olive leaf Extract – from herenatural antibiotics alternative – nukes everything, colds included
  • Oil of Oregano –  from here strong and effective – even kills Candida in systemic yeast infection sufferers
  • Lapacho tea – from here – from here – immune boosting tea with antifungal action

Immune Support:

vitamin C

  • Primal Defense Ultra – from here Garden of Life – one of the best probiotics
  • Quality Multi Vitamin & Mineral complex – from here
  • Vitamin C & Rosehip from Digestive Aids& Gut Healing:

    • Magnesium – from hereuseful to relax muscles after exercise and to alleviate constipation
    • Swedish Bitters – from hereexcellent digestive aid when eating late or fatty foods
    • Slippery Elm – from here – soothes IBM and bowel discomforts
    • Dandelion root coffee from here – helps your liver to detox

    • Gelatin – from hereNo.1 Leaky Gut Healer (Money Saving Tip: cheaper alternative would be to make bone broth at home)
    • Psyllium Husks from here – great colon cleansing abilities and improving gluten free baking
    • Mountainrose Herbs from here – fabulous lose teas to aid healing
    • Enema Kit from hereto flush your intestines out to prevent illness

     Healthy Food Choices:

    • Almond Butter – from here
    • Coconut butter – from here
    • Quality Stevia drops – from here
    • Rice Milk – from here (better value if you buy it from your local groceries store)
    • Hemp Seeds – from here

    • Gluten free oats – from here
    • Gluten free all purpose flour – from here (try mixing your own at some point – saves loads!)
    • Teff flour – from here
    • Natural Apple Cider Vinegar – from here
    • Flax oil – from here

    Useful Kitchen Tools:

    • Juicer – from here – how else can you make green juices to survive stage 1 of the diet, huh!
    • Blender – from here – if you can’t yet afford a Vitamix you can get by with this little beauty which costs less than a tenth of the price of a Vitamix, and is simply AMAZING for making smoothies from frozen fruit and almond or rice milk, YUM!
    • Slow Cooker/ Crockpot – from here – you can see it behind me in the photo above – the timer let’s your food bubble over night, wake up to steaming porridge or tender meat and hearty stews for dinner while you can get on with what you’re doing. With it even making nourishing and gut healing bone broth becomes a breeze – how did I live without it?
    • crock potSteamer – from here – This is the first piece of kit I got on the Candida diet – steams vegetables so quickly, and they are nutritious with a lot more flavour than cooked veggies have to offer.
    • Grain mill – from here – Awesome for grinding spices to make a mean curry. But I mostly use it for bread baking – for grinding flours from whole grains. So I’d highly recommend getting a bigger one – otherwise you end up like me, grinding your grains portion for portion. My little coffee grinder just about holds one portion of grains haha, no joking! Big mistake to go just on price in this case. I’m using it all the time though as I’m grinding brown rice and millet even for my porridge in the morning.)

    • Nut milk bag – from here – When you start making your own almond butter, almond or hemp milk then you’ll need one of these. They are also fab for making lip balm ;-)

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     or if you’re looking

    This page was specifically created for useful resources I received from America. Let me know if you’d like me to put together a resources page with products from another country,  England or Australia for instance. If I see that this would be of use to several people then I will do that. 

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