Ever started a diet full of enthusiasm and then quickly fallen back into old eating habits? This is your chance to try something NEW & create lasting results!

My intention is to create a safe environment for a small group of ambitious, health-conscious souls to support one another on our path to feeling really good in our bodies

whether that be by breaking free from a limiting diet, shedding a few excess pounds or simply having more energy to enjoy life.

new way

The programme is for you if you are:

  • A heart-centred professional, coach or parent who is dedicated to self-improvement and positive thinking
  • Ready to ditch over the counter painkillers, antibiotics and prescriptions in favour of natural remedies & holistic healing methods
  • Appreciating organic foods and using them to build your solid health foundation for years to come
  • Taking an honest account where you are sabotaging your health & well-being, and you are willing to try some new things to break the habits that no longer serve you
  • Prepared to override your ‘go-go-go mentality’ and put more emphasis on relaxing, quality sleep and creative activities  to be more productive 2018
  • 100% committed to being a part of the master-mind group for the entire year
  • Dedicated to treating the other members with compassion, non-judgement & encouragement

The purpose of this programme is to raise your relationship standards with food, so that you consistently have more energy, fit into your fav jeans or dress and are free from suffering and disease.

I want you to see that subtle shifts can be game-changing, that transformation can be fun and effortless.

You may already be familiar with the concept of food combining, alkalising foods and the relationship between gut health & mental clarity, a stable mood and your feel-good weight. But I’d like to delve deeper into those areas with you. Empowering you to incorporate them into your lifestyle.  Making results sustainable.


Here’s what you can expect:

 good-health    online course 

  • Regular online meetings to help us get healthier & have more energy 2018
  • A one-hour online workshop in April to get to know each other and set our intentions for the remainder of 2018 (date & time to be voted on by those who sign up before 31st March 2018)
  • 8 x 1 hr online group calls (with zoom) at the end of the month (April, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct) to discuss what’s been happening for each of us and to re-confirm our intentions and goals moving forward. We’ll be holding you to a higher standard than you would yourself, and you’ll be showered with encouragement, inspiration and praise. 

skype video call

  • Free access to my 21-day online cleanse diy home study programme (this is exclusive to you, the cleanse cannot be accessed by the public this year – I only open it up to ‘Total Transformation buddies’ who are interested in getting their diet & lifestyle back on track and want to beat Candida. You can start whenever you are ready)


  • Access to a secret new Facebook group just like my Candida Diet Insiders group below, where you can share your journey and learn from the others. I’ll kick off the group on April 3rd 2018, and will be active in there every day throughout April to help you make a fresh start and keep the momentum going, offering insight & support (whereas I will only briefly check into my other public Facebook group once a week)

candida diet insiders facebook group

  • Optional year end celebrations with visit of a thermal Spa, an award winning vegan restaurant, cosy cafe and stroll over the renown Christmas markets in Bath (UK) – around the first weekend in December 2018 – date & location to be confirmed

yoga xmas market 

I intend to also host a couple of mini retreats/ yoga weekends in 2018. These are optional to keep the costs down for the mastermind. We can arrange a convenient date and location in the group (additional costs apply for accommodation, travel & sustenance).


BONUSES (if you join before 31st March 2018):

 candida coaching

  1. An introductory 60 minutes 1:1 mentoring session with me (via Skype or Zoom) in January 2018 where we look at your current goals and struggles.
  2. A 3 days food & symptoms journal analysis where we look at what your go to comfort foods and unhealthy lifestyle habits are, including simple suggestions how to swap these out for more energising alternatives.
  3. A further 60 minutes of ‘emergency support’ that you can take in twenty minutes chunks or in one go as and when you need it throughout 2018.

There will be a minimum of two members (you & me!) and a maximum of around 10 members in the ‘Total Transformation 2018’ programme.

Reserve your space today!

If transforming how you feel in your body resonates with you and you’d like to be a part of this new high vibe group, then you have two options:

INSTALMENT OPTION (only deposit required now!):

You can pay a deposit of £99 now (works out as $138, may fluctuate depending on the currency exchange at time of booking), with the remainder of the balance spread over 4 equal payments in April, May, June and July 2018 — please leave a comment or email me at [email protected] if you’d like to pay by instalment.

OR PAY IN FULL — £495 ($688)

  1. If you pay the full amount up-front you will get an introductory personal mentoring session with me
  2. + 60 trouble-shooting emergency support minutes
  3. + a 3-day food & symptoms log analysis with suggested energising food swaps that are easy to implement (WORTH over £270/ $365)

Upon payment (within 24 hours) you will receive a confirmation email with everything you need to get started.

I look forward to assisting you on your transformation journey 2018!




P.S.: 100% Money Back Guarantee

100% money back guarantee

I offer a 100% money back guarantee until 15th April, giving you the opportunity to double-check if you are a good fit for the mastermind group. Bearing in mind though that the deposit is generally non-refundable once you had your mentoring session, intro workshop or journal analysis with me. 

Please book now, to avoid disappointment!

First come, first served! One-to-one mentoring with me starts at £1155/ $1610 for 4 months – in comparison with this group programme here… You’ll get CONSISTENT SUPPORT from me FOR THE ENTIRE REST OF 2018, for less than half price!



The Small Print

Sandra reserves the right to return your deposit if she feels that you are not a good fit for the programme.  In the unlikely event that we don’t get a group of at least a 3-5 like-minded people together your payment will be returned before 31st of April (or you can switch to 1:1 support with me instead). Please do not commit to this programme unless you are certain you will be able to participate in the group for the whole of 2018!


Basically what you get out of the group is directly proportional to what you put in energy & intention wise. Please dedicate at least 5 minutes a day or 30 minutes once a week for checking in & participating in the group + 1-3 hours a week for self care and healthy eating + 20-60 minutes a month for the group calls/ watching the recordings.

The group can only function as your sounding board and for keeping each other to higher standards than we would ourselves when there are people present and openly sharing!


Tentative Schedule for 2018…

Intro online workshop beginning of April 2018 – one day experience (date/location by agreement with those registered by 31st March 2018)

First online session: Tuesday 4th April 2018 (time tbc)

Summer YOGA WEEKEND RETREAT 6th – 9th July 2018 OR 14th – 17th September 2018

From then on monthly until Friday 7th December 2018 evening YEAR END CELEBRATION (location to be agreed)