Turpentine as Effective New Candida Treatment?

Turpentine and Kerosene have been used medicinally for hundreds of years. According to Walter Last these spirits have also been used in ancient Babylon to help people with stomach problems, inflammation and ulcers (source: Today the medicinal use of turpentine and kerosene is predominant in Russia, Eastern Europe and Africa.

What does it do?

Apparently it is highly effective at treating infections and removing pathogenic microbes and parasites from the blood and bowel. Doctor Paula Ganner even claims to have cured cancer patients with it.

The revolutionary Turpentine Candida treatment that has come to my ears was introduced by Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD, who gives her patients sugar cubes soaked in Turpentine initially daily and then twice a week for several weeks until the Candida issue is resolved.

Contra using Turpentine when you have Candida

Naturally the idea to consume sugar when you have Candida sounds counter-intuitive because sugar not only is known to feed Candida, but it also severely undermines the immune system and causes cavities.

Not to mention that drinking turpentine is only one step away from drinking petrol which doesn’t appear to be the healthiest practice. It seems a little weird to nip into an art supply store to buy a bottle and then start taking it by the spoon full!

Scientific Studies about the Effectiveness of Turpentine and its Safety

But according to this scientific study small doses of turpentine and kerosene can be used safely as long as it is 100% pure gum turpentine.

Pro using Turpentine/ Kerosene to cure Candida

I can imagine that the oil would have a strong laxative effect and that in itself would help expel parasites, and with the added antifungal benefits from the essential oils of the pine tree that the oil is derived from it would naturally also have a disruptive effect on a fungus like Candida.

My own two cents…

I’m not entirely convinced that the oil wouldn’t impact the balance of good microbes as well, and how can you be sure it even gets to your intestines and not just your stomach?

That said I do believe in the healing effect of castor oil for instance, so perhaps one could draw a parallel there. But I only ever used it externally to draw out toxins via a heat pack strapped around your belly and back for an hour during my Candida cleanse.

Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable drinking turpentine in the hope it can cure Candida, especially not administered with sugar. But who am I to judge – I tried the most obscure Candida treatments in my time, so why not add turpentine to the list, hah!

Luckily there are other effective Candida treatments readily available that can work for you  — and they even come in traditional pills form, they are easy to swallow and they don’t even send you running to the toilet ?

  • Extended Form – CandidaMain




  1. Love your blog. I am currently on the candida diet and also going to use the turpentine in about two weeks. Dr. Daniels recommends to get your digestive system so healthy that you can eliminate three times a day before starting turpentine. Because once you start doing it and yeast is killed off, the yeast that is still alive will be frantic to exit the body and without the proper exit….it can backfire on you. By going into heart, lungs skin. Not life threatening, but not comfortable. I’ve done multiple studies on this where people have SWORN by it working after trying everything and am excited to do it. But apparently it has to be done right! Also, making sure the PH level of the body is right before doing the turpentine. Can update with results once I finish if interested! I have systemic candida. It is everywhere ? but seeing a holistic dr and excited to get my energy back at some point once I rid myself of this mess.

    Glad you mentioned it can be toxic at certain levels. But I love that you did a section on this! Would love to hear from other people who have tried it and what the outcome was.

    • Awww… thanks so much McKenzie, I’m glad you like my blog. I’d love to hear how your Turpentine experiment goes. Thank you for reminding us of the safe procedures. I think in my early days of trying to get rid of Candida with brute force and high dosages of antifungals I no doubt pushed it deeper into my tissues, because like you I had a systemic case, and it got everywhere including my eyes, eeek!
      Turpentine is totally what I would have tried if I still had Candida issues. It took me long enough to figure things out without it, mind you ?
      Don’t give up, you got this! It sounds promising!

  2. Also had to had to my precious comment for others who read this that it is important to stick with the diet! Turpentine alone will not eliminate candida. It is however, supposed to speed up the process.

    • Good point! Thanks for clarifying that! You definitely still have to follow the Candida diet to see results from the Turpentine Candida treatment.

  3. My goodness! Well, that’s the first time I’ve heard of THAT! Thanks, but no thanks. Interesting, though…

  4. Hey!

    You mentioned earlier that your recovery went thru phases of die-off. How long did these phases usually last? Were they all the same lenght?

    • Hi Anton,
      that’s right, I went through different die off phases each time when I changed my diet around (for instance from a no grains approach to including bread and pasta…), when I started taking different antifungals or probiotics and also when I had a few drinks, ate something outside of the scope of the diet and also when I had lots of stress or started a strenuous workout regime…. Gosh, you’d think my life was one big die off phase!

      The length of time was different depending on the severity of the symptoms and how low my immune system was at the time. Sometimes it would last only days, other times it might take me a month to shake off the symptoms that flared up. Depending on my self sabotaging behaviours at the time that state sometimes plateaued for even longer.

      It’s a learning curve! Bearing in mind though that I had a severe systemic case of Candida with several other underlying health issues. So you need not fear that it will take you that long.

      Looking forward to our call – I can give you some tips that will help you short cut your healing time ?

  5. hello sandra..a whiles back you wrote an article about people slipping up and cheating…stating you minimized the sugar intake. my wife and i cheated (ice cream) etc..and i was wondering if youve have clients who had a cheat day with success?? or was that something that only you experienced?

    • I don’t think there is a one size fits all. But on the whole I think most people would not get away with a cheat day a week. They would be stuck with some symptoms…

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