Vegan MoFo – a month of tasty plant based dishes for you!

vegan mofo

It’s official now — I am participating in this years Vegan Mofo, which against what you might think it means actually means “Vegan month of food” (hah, thought I’d caught you out ;-)  Every year during this month dozens of people open up their kitchens and share some of their best plant based dishes.

Always one for getting involved in cooking I jumped at the idea and signed up.

So from today until the end of the month you’ll see me busily posting lovely vegan cooking creations.

This could be anything that doesn’t contain meat, eggs, dairy or honey. And I’ll also link to hundreds of other Vegan mofo entries, to feast your eyes.

Let’s get started: My motto this year will be “Refined Sugar Free Goodies” given the nature of this blog :)

Obviously I won’t reveal you yet what exact dishes I’ll be making — that would spoil the surprise. But I can tell you what the topics of each week will be:

Week 1: Soups & Sandwiches

Week 2: Smoothies & Desserts

Week 3: Breads & Cakes

Week 4: Mains & Special Occasion Meals

Just in case you are browsing through my recipes – let me tell you that I am not vegan. I love vegan food though so you’ll find plenty of foods you can enjoy here on my blog.

Ready to take a look at my first vegan mofo submission? Thyme Hummus, Grilled Pepper & Hummus Sandwich, mmmh…!

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