Vegetable Broth for Fasting

Comfort in a Bowl!

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    • Hi Vin, absolutely – you can add pretty much any vegetables you like. It’s only sweet & starchy vegetables that you need to be a bit cautious with (butternut squash…).

      Adding a little bit of coconut milk or water is fine during stage 1. I wouldn’t advise to eat coconut flesh because it is a lot of work for your digestive system. The good thing about coconut is though that it doesn’t feed Candida. Rather the opposite actually. So use coconut oil sparingly if at all. It can cause die off symptoms.

      Good luck with the cleanse ?

    • Apparently this allows the body to start loosening built-up plaque and toxins in the colon. I thought it was odd too hence I added some stock ?

  1. I have a long long list of food sensitivities. Chicken is one of the foods that I can eat maybe twice a month without feeling the effects.

    We raise meat rabbits and use them interchangeably with chicken recipes. Can I use rabbit, or goat, instead of chicken during phases 2 and 3?

    • Absolutely Leigh, you can use any meat that agrees with you, great idea to use rabbit or goat. Hope you’ll soon be able to eat anything you want.

    • Sorry, the recipe you were looking for has been moved here:

      Good luck with your cleanse ?

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