It’s my Birthday. Will you do me a favour?

me next to a vitamix

But? Does it blend?  Well…. of course it does silly !!

If you think back at the fine almond spread that I whipped up for you a few days ago then it’s hard to believe that I made that with a tiny coffee grinder. Yep! As powerful that little thing might be, it is about as useful for grinding bags of flour and nuts as a blunt knife. It holds about a handful of seeds.

And forget blending soups or smoothies in it.

Why am I telling you this? The thing is this:

I have fallen in love with him (aka Mr. Vitamix!). And it’s my birthday, but I didn’t get him, which must mean that I am poor.

I mean wealthy and healthy and lovely and a hoot to boot, but also undeniably poor!

 Let’s be honest here. You want one, too, the Vitamix, I mean, don’t you?

Well I have worked out a way how we can get it – and it doesn’t require donations!

Can you buy something from Amazon please? That’s it!

You buy from Amazon, don’t you? Excellent, so do I. Now the thing is this:

When you next want to buy something from Amazon, instead of going directly to Amazon, like you would normally do, I would ask that you click on any of the recommended books in the bar to the right of this text or below.

Simply Start Your Next Amazon Search from Here:

If you’re living in the US you can bookmark this Amazon page in your favorites for quick access. From there just do your normal search.

If you’re living in the UK you can help me by bookmarking/ starting your search from this page. Ta!!!

This doesn’t cost you a cent or penny more – this is just Amazon crediting me as a thank you for the referral.

Amazon then knows that we like each other and gives me brownie points. Not a lot obviously. Generally equaling a few cents/ pennies credit per transaction, with a minimum of $100 or something before I’d even see a dime. But I wanna give it a go. Even small brownie points help me towards affording to buy a Vitamix eventually. Every little helps, right!brownie_points

And the brownie points keep accumulating EVERY TIME you buy through that link.

Remember when you next buy ANYTHING on Amazon (this can literally be anything – a book, a present for your aunty, a supplement, a kitchen utensil or a lawn mower) go through the link I’ve just given you or if you are in the US go through a book on the ‘Recommended’ list in the side bar below the Facebook box, and you are bringing us closer to the Vitamix and helping me in a BIG WAY.

soul-for-saleThat also means I won’t have to sell my soul or better still, I won’t have to up-sell you useless supplements to keep this blog alive!

Thanks ‘SO MUCH’ in advance, and do drop me a line when you do this, so I can thank you!

To make it easier for you I have put together some of my favourite cook books and desirable kitchen gear that would look good on you ?

When/if we reach the heady goal of making enough to buy the Vitamix I will run a super special giveaway. Only if we hit our goal will I run this giveaway!

Tell me, what would you like me to include? What do you love/ crave/ obsess about? Tell me in the comments below!

One last thing – the Amazon shop is for America so if you are living anywhere else, then I’m afraid you can only earn brownie points from me by commenting on my posts, rating my recipes 5 stars or buying me a “beer”, I mean almond butter – I don’t drink beer any more ?

Here’s the link again if you’re in the UK. In the US you can start your search by clicking on any of these book below instead…

P.S. I’m sending out a little surprise later today. It’s Something to make you laugh, something motivating and something delicious. Keep your eyes peeled

Make sure you’re on my email list, is all I can say….


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