Useful Resources for You (Incl. Weekly Meal Plans)

Thank you for buying the recipes book (and of course for subscribing to my newsletter).

I think you’re awesome — and because of that I want to give you a head-start into the diet ?

I’m giving you access to 11 of my most useful resources, including:

  • 4 weekly meal plans (to set you up for the diet)
  • 1 blank meal planner (so you can carry on yourself)
  • 1 pantry list (so you know where to start)
  • 1 resources list (to show you good places to buy health foods)
  • 4 overviews with links to useful items I buy on a regular basis and I think would benefit you, too (things I use & love; healthy tasty foods, natural remedies and useful books/ relaxation stuff)
  • FREE BONUS FOR YOU: And I’ll even throw in another amazing bonus: My Candida Diet Survival Guide, a 13 pages long e-book jam packed with my personal tips for a smooth transition into the diet (this guide isn’t available anywhere else, you can’t buy it and the content is not on the blog either).



  • 4 Weekly Meal Plans for you to print off or save to your documents — so all you need to do is follow the plan (no more pondering what to cook, wondering if it will do you any good), easy! 4 simple Pdfs:

Btw both recipes books are available on Amazon as paperback books or as all in one kindle version in case you only have one of the books so far. Alternatively I can create a pdf for you, just email me at

  • Blank weekly meal plan (so you can print it off and fill in with the recipes/ meals you wish to make when you come to the end of the 4 week meal plan)Weekly-meal-plan-template-s

(TIP: Print off 4 copies so you can literally plan out the whole month, week by week. Helping you to stay on target with the diet and having something to look forward to ?

Example Menu Plan (blank – for you to fill in)

  • Pantry/ Groceries Shopping List to prepare for Stage 1 & 2 of the diet

Pantry List For Candida Cleanse

  • Resources list with all the shops and suppliers where I (and the majority of my readers) buy groceries and health foods. This should save you a good amount of time and money hunting around where to find the best ingredients at good prices…

Resources List (where you can buy wholefoods cheaply)

  • You can see all the kitchen utensils, natural remedies, super foods and other items I regularly usejust click on one of the categories below that interests you, and you’ll see which brand I use and where to find it on Amazon. Whenever you have anything you need to buy on Amazon — Please consider buying through my links below — it won’t cost you anything; but it gains me credits that I can use to make this information resource better for everyone – THANK YOU :)


  1. Things I use & love
  2. Healthy Tasty Foods
  3. Click here: Take this if you want to feel better
  4. Useful Books and Relaxation Stuff

Can’t see what you were looking for? No problem, click here to search for something directly on Amazon. You’ll go to Amazon in the US – (if you’re from the UK, Australia, Germany… it makes more sense to go to the Amazon shop in your own country, use this just for inspiration) 

…and don’t forget your FREE SECRET BONUS ?





  • Helen

    Reply Reply September 28, 2014

    Hi, thank you for these fabulous handy print outs, its taken a lot of stress away for me worrying about remembering everything & trying to write it all down!
    Helen x

    • Sandra

      Reply Reply September 28, 2014

      I’m glad ? Thanks so much for your feedback Helen!

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