Uncover the #1 reason that might be keeping you from being healthy & happy!


I love to get to know the peeps in my tribe and have the opportunity to help you create the health + lifestyle you dream of. 

I’ve been chatting with some of the folks who have been with me for a while. And I’m wondering if you feel like them.

They’re telling me that they are…

  • …finding it really hard not to fall off the diet ladder
  •  …scared they won’t ever get fully well again
  • …desperate to get their life back and the symptoms under control

What I know is…

  •  If you don’t work on your health now, you’ll always have to watch what you eat
  •  Irrational fear can prevent you from taking the consistent action you need to get better
  •  Desperation doesn’t lead to smart decisions and feels yucky

I hate to see people struggling with this stuff. I know what it feels like because I’ve definitely been there!

So I reserved some spots on my calendar to talk to you privately and help you get over these hurdles.

During this complimentary Meet & Greet Discovery Session, I’ll help you uncover the #1 block keeping you from being happy & healthy. Then, I’ll give a strategy so you can smash that block for good.

Click here for my calendar to schedule your session. (If you don’t find a time that works for you leave a comment below or email me, and we’ll work something out.)

If you’re not sure if this is right for you, check out what Catherine says below.

“I loved the coaching sessions with Sandra. She encouraged me and gave me reassurance when I needed it the most. On my own I fell off the diet ladder all the time. Since Sandra is checking in with me to keep me accountable, I feel the healthiest I have been in years!”

Taking this one step could change everything for you.

I’d love to speak with everyone however I have limited spots available.

Let’s get you more Health & Happiness!






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  • Jasmin

    Reply Reply April 20, 2015

    Hiya Sandra , I’ve got a very sore throat which Is redness in colour with the veins looking more darker then it’s usual colour . I also have a ulcer like spot which is white in the middle and redness around it . There is also other redness patches next to it .
    I went to the doctors and they prescribed me nystatin antifungal antibiotic which I am taking right know . But can you recommend any natural remedies that helps with oral ulcers thrush . Another thing Sandra recently my whole body itches really badly and I get these small spots coming up when I scratch them . Don’t know what to do ? Really confused . Is flax wrap allowed in stage 2 of the diet , let me know Sandra ? .

    • Sandra

      Reply Reply April 21, 2015

      Hiya Jasmin, so sorry you are experiencing these symptoms – happened to me, too. It’s not nice!
      Rinsing your mouth with sage tea helps to keep the wounds clean and also heals the sore throat.
      The rash could be a response to you taking too much antifungal remedy or eating too much sugar in your diet (fruit…) You might benefit from looking into healing a leaky gut.
      Flax wrap is great. Just make sure you drink a lot with it, so you don’t get constipated….
      Chin up, all the good things you’re doing will eventually pay off.

  • Jasmin

    Reply Reply April 20, 2015

    Sorry Sandra , wanted to mention that the ulcer like spot is at the back of the throat which I forgot to mention earlier .

  • Jasmin

    Reply Reply April 21, 2015

    Hiya again Sandra , don’t you heal leaky gut after the candida gets under control as it will poke new holes in your intestines . (That’s what I read ) Or with antifungal . Do you have any leaky gut protocol that you followed to heal from candida . How do you get connected to candida forums that you mentioned on your website that you followed and found useful . Let me know please .

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