Driving Home for Christmas…

winter at the Candida dietplan headquarters

Hey Folks,

with this chilly view out from my  front door I’ll love you and leave you to fly home to my family in Germany. 

I’ll be back beginning of January :)

I’m surrounded by chaos because I have to find a way to get all my presents and a few snug clothes into my hand luggage. Yes, HAND LUGGAGE (as opposed from a huge suitcase that any normal person would take hah!)

This always involves a lot of packing in and out then back in –weighing, sighing, panic eating, pacing up and down and wishing I had spent the extra £70 on 1 extra luggage item. But since I have two planes and three trains to catch I’d rather travel light and not have to wait around in the luggage area.

It will take me 11 hours to get from South England to North-West Germany (what should only take 3 hours!)

I’d better wrap up warm, ey ;-)

me and my new gloves

Call me silly, but every year when I start wrapping pressies and getting ready for my journey I listen to the song below: Driving home for Christmas from Chris Rea. It fills me with joy and anticipation Pssst, don’t tell anyone ;o)

Come and hum this tune with me while I’m driving home for Christmas!!!

Wishing you a harmonious & memorable time with your loved ones. I’ll be thinking of you x

happy holidays!

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