Yummy Yeast Free Bread & Secret Breakfast Recipe

My Favourite Anti Candida Breakfast Recipe for Healing (including a delicious bread without yeast)

Before I got Candida I wouldn’t have been in the slightest bit interested whether or not a bread was yeast free or not.

What about you?  

But things have changed. These days I can pretty much tell you the ingredients of most things, whether this is a can of tomatoes or a bakery product.

Living totally sugar and yeast free is tough!

How is anyone meant to get better on a diet that doesn’t allow you to eat half the foods that you enjoy eating?!

Exactly – it’s not going to happen. 

To fully heal you need to be happy, at least for some part of the day.

Eating as it stands is a major factor of happiness for me and I’m sure for you, too. So how can you make your day more enjoyable?

Simple. By re-introducing bread back into your diet.

Yeast free Bread

Not just any bread. We’re talking healthy, home baked, yeast free bread here.

If you haven’t been able to eat carbs during phase 1 & 2 of the candida diet this awesome bread recipe will make your day!

It is one of the best anti candida breakfast recipes I’ve ever come across. I eat it pretty much every day, sometimes even twice and I haven’t felt this good in years ?

Delicious, filling and satisfying – what more could you want?

The only slight downside is that you have to bake this yeast free treat yourself.

TIP: Bake it in big batches, say every two weeks. That’s doable.

It’s in fact very therapeutic and when the smell of the freshly baked bread fills your house you’ll be glad you made it.

Gluten free & yeast free? What about people with a gluten intolerance?

No problem, this yummy yeast free bread can easily be made without gluten. I’ll show you how in a moment.

And What’s All this talk about the World’s Best Kept Secret Healing Recipe?!

Hah, that’s just a super healthy breakfast recipe that is highly underestimated because of one of its main ingredients…but that’s really all I can disclose right now without giving it away ?

See for yourself…


  1. I have had a couple clients with candida and this bread thing is always an issue. I definitely want my clients off yeast but as huge yeastie bread lover myself, I always feel I fall short when it comes to offering alternative recipes for bread but that sesame soda bread sounds very good. I will definitely try that myself. For me eating homemade bread is soulful, and with your recipes healing. Good stuff there with hemp seed. I believe hemp seed to be one of the most complete proteins (amino acids) on this earth. Quinoa a close second.

  2. You’re a star Sharlene! Thank you so much for your kind words.

    I’d be thrilled if you liked the bread and if it helped to make your clients’ recovery from candida a tiny bit easier.

    I totally agree with you that eating homemade bread is soulful ?

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  5. I have Candida of the throat, it is time to do something about it. I love bread so I would love to make this one. Christina

    • If you love bread, you’ll LOVE this one, it’s a firm favourite with my readers ?
      Regarding your throat… have you tried oil pulling with coconut oil?

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